The Last Don is a novel by American author Mario Puzo, best known as the author of The Godfather. The story follows an aging Mafia Don and his family as they. (Mario Puzo's Mafia) The last don is Domenico Clericuzio, a wise and ruthless man who is determined to see his heirs established in legitimate society but whose vision is threatened when secrets from the family's past spark a vicious war between two blood cousins. Compre o livro The Last Don na confira as ofertas para livros em The Last Don: A Novel (English Edition) e mais milhares de eBooks estão.

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A masterful saga of the last great American Mafia family and its powerful reach into Hollywood and Las Vegas, from the author of The Godfather The Last Don is . The Last Don is a novel by Mario Puzo, written in The story alternates between the film industry and the Las Vegas casinos, showing how the Mafia is. Age withers some writers. Others it ripens toward an Olympian wisdom. So it is with Puzo, who at age 76 returns after a quarter century to the terrain of his.

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The Last Don is a mesmerizing tale that takes us inside the equally corrupt worlds of the mob, the movie industry, and the casinos where beautiful actresses and ruthless hitmen are ruled by lust and violence, where sleazy producers and greedy studio heads are drunk on power, where crooked cops and desperate gamblers play dangerous games of betrayal, and where one man controls them all. Head-long entertainment, bubbling over with corruption, betrayal, assassinations, Richter-scale romance, and, of course, family values.

It gives us Hollywood, Las Vegas, and the mob in one sweet dish. Puzo is a master storyteller with an uncanny facility for details that force the reader to keep the pages turning.

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Read An Excerpt. Paperback —. download the Ebook: One son, Vincent, would go into the restaurant business, one son, Petie, would go into the construction business, and the eldest son, Giorgio, would become a financier on Wall Street.


Instead of running drugs, the Family would take a cut from other families in return for money laundering and other administrative tasks. I almost expected to hear the music from "The Godfather" playing while I read the book.

This is not the story of Don Domenico or his three sons. The book reads like The Godfather in many ways.

Like Puzo's earlier novel, The Last Don is episodic with a large cast of characters. The most important of these flashbacks is first hinted at in the opening section, with references to the recent "Great Santadio War. It is the cause of the Don's daughter's insanity as well as the loss of his youngest son, Silvio.

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None of the details are given out until quite later in the novel. When Puzo does revisit the War, the details are surprising, although the War itself leaves the reader thinking "huh?

In this novel, the majority of the characters are likeable. Of the Clericuzio, only the Don and his grandson, Dante, are fleshed out enough to really be characters. The Don's three sons and daughter are mostly spear carriers.

They are needed for the plot, but show very little character. I have a feeling that the attitude of the Don that "Everybody is responsible for everything he does.Many of the Hollywood characters are so forgettable, I struggled to understand why they were a part of the story at all.

Perhaps its raucous music is simply better tuned to the crude morality that his criminals cherish. I've always been a sucker for mafia things, and there was enough action here to keep things moving along despite the stilted amateurish style.

Although, one must not get caught up with the scenarios from The Godfather book as it may distract you from appreciating the story and you just might fall into comparing the two novels.

Puzo's mastery at crafting his world of outlaws and organized crime, he just wasn't as great when he was writing about the romantic relationships between men and women. Friend Reviews. Community Reviews.

The Family.

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