Deep into the magic world of dreams in a fun and exciting Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game under the title Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. Here you. Complete Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air Collector's Edition Walkthrough & Strategy Guide. Overview of full game with annotated. Immerse yourself in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air, a Hidden Object Get a detailed walkthrough on how to complete all levels without.

Dream Chronicles The Book Of Air Full Version

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Help Lyra, Faye's daughter, find the unique Clockmaker and escape from a strange dimension in Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air!. Dive into the magic world with Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air game. Step into the shoes of Lyra, a child born to a fairy and a mortal. Download Dream Chronicles 4 - The Book of Air, or play this game and + others online instantly in English for free on Zylom!.

The Barge City: This is a town built over the water, well south of the Village of Wish, and is the home of many fishermen and merchants. Lyra's grandfather Tangle is holding a handmade birthday gift, and soon giving it to her On the eve of the 18th birthday, a half-fairy half-mortal girl named Lyra had a strange dream. All her friends and family were there tonight to celebrate that special event, and Lyra's grandfather Tangle had prepared an amazing gift for her.

But then Lyra heard a whisper, and everyone quickly disappeared. Waking up from that dream, Lyra finds herself alone in her beloved Town of Wish as she is being trapped in a parallel dimension which is very similar to her original one.

She finds the Clockmaker in his hideout and thankfully, he agrees to help. On arriving to the Wind Music Island, Lyra is notified by Tangle that the music eons in this island were once created by fairies , who also used to live there. Lyra finds his notification confusing, though she gradually understands that fairies are responsible of what have been happening to her: the magical chalkboard, the hidden airship, a stranger's whisper But still she have known her fairy roots yet, as Tangle keeps it from her.

After finding all three keys, Lyra returns to the Clockmaker's house and finishes her mission there. She is able to head back to her original dimension, also questioning the adventure that she has taken.

But instead of welcoming Lyra with sunshine and daylight, her Town of Wish becomes dark and full of thunders. Lyra wonders what will await for her next.

In the bonus chapter, Lyra has a new dream. She was in the Town of Wish, her family was calling for her, but Lyra couldn't hear them over the sound of rushing water. Her body became light as if she had been floating. Lyra held her breath and fell deeper into that strange dream. Once again, she finds herself alone in another unrecognizable place, a small office in the Barge City, and looks for a magical map.

Dream Chronicles®: The Book of Air™

Development[ edit ] When the publisher PlayFirst's blog staff interviewed with the game's producer Ryan Sindledecker, he gave players an in depth look at Dream Chronicles: The Book of Air. Taking about coming up with the new features, Ryan shared that the developer, Kat Games came up with all the new features, including using Dream Jewels as powers. With each Dream Chronicles game, Dream Jewels were used differently. In The Book of Air there was a need to add these powers and a need to have a new use for the Jewels and they just fit together perfectly.

Art director at the developer KatGames, Pablo Vietto, explained the ideas behind "Airship" artwork that KatGames wanted to make a "very rustic and compact interior where they could place everything necessary for the navigation of the airship.

Meanwhile, adding comments about "Streets of Wish" artwork, Vietto expressed that he wanted to "keep the essence of the Wish village from the first Dream [Chronicles] , respecting the roofs and cupules in green tonalities. According to Vietto, some other details, like the iron works and lights, were inspired by works done by Hector Guimard , a French architect and one of the most important ones during Modernism.

Pablo Vietto returned to talk about designing artworks in the game. There's a vague The Longest Journey vibe to the world you explore that I liked immediately, and fans of Myst will definitely enjoy the puzzle-centric gameplay.

The addition of various spells is a nice touch, but some of them only get used once or twice.

Visually the game is striking, and wandering through it feels appropriately dreamlike. This downside to this is that the whole pace of the game is extremely slow, and not a whole lot happens.

It seems like the whole point of this installment is to set the stage for the next; there are a lot of hints and whispers that point out something big on the horizon, but The Book of Air mostly just sends you from place to place solving puzzles. After a while, it starts to feel more like a virtual tour of the world as you fly from place to place, some stranger and more interesting than others. Part of the reason for this is a tendency to overcomplicate simple directives for the sake of lengthening the game.

Imagine if you tried to make yourself a bowl of cereal, but when you went to get the milk the fridge was locked. To unlock it, you needed a combination. But the combination is encoded, so you need to find the decoder.

But the decoder is torn into pieces and scattered around the room. So you hunt all the pieces down, assemble them, decode the combination, unlock the fridge, and get your milk It can be frustrating in The Book of Air since more often than not these extra steps take such a minuscule amount of effort to complete that there's no real reason for them to be there at all.

Game Info & Requirements

If you've been chomping at the bit for another foray into the Dream Chronicles world, you might be disappointed by how quickly the game is over. Of course your speed largely depends on how many puzzles you skip, and how quick you are at solving the ones you don't, but you can probably expect to spend around four hours on it.

Try the demo and see if you feel it's a return to form for the series you loved so much, and remember that the standard edition will be available in a few weeks' time.Find the ten dream pieces: Go up to the columns at the top-right corner of the area. There were other jewels, such as one to illuminate and one to make it rain.

Adventure Gamers. Take the five dream pieces and the iron key: Use the three ornate keys on the locked covers. You can look at your score at the end of the game, along with the number of Dream Pieces you collected along the way.

Dream Chronicles: Book of Air Collector's Edition

The Reveal Jewel is used whenever you go to the map to get the coordinates for your next destination. Go back to the Airship.

The Book of Air Genre: Haunted Legends:

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