Download general science material pdf in telugu physics computerescue.info Telugu general knowledge top questions and answers part 1. General science. General Knowledge GK and General Awareness Multiple Choice Objective Type Practice Questions and Answers in English PDF for. GK and Current Affairs in Telugu Language Our App: We Present to your our GK We have an exhaustive collection of Solved Question Papers and Answers.

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General Knowledge questions and answers for competitive exams PDF blog gives you the study material (PDF) to download and the GK PDFs. Telugu GK & Current Affairs app contains all the content in Telugu Language. The study materials are carefully crafted in Telugu by experts and students in. This app contains 15 levels with GK questions. - Each 5 level contains 10, 20, 30 questions. - First level defaultly opens to play the Game.. - After completing of.

Question 11 Mostly which gases found of the planet Jupiter? Answer:- Hydrogen and Helium. Question 12 What are the name of Galilean moons?

Easy General Knowledge Questions and Answers

Answer:- Andromeda Galaxy. Question 14 What is the age of Earth as calculated?

Answer:- Age of Earth is 4. Answer:- Jupiter.

Question 17 What is the full form of ESA? Answer:- Email. Answer:- Teleconferencing.

Answer:- Internet protocol. Modern Indian History notes. Medieval Indian History notes.

Ancient Indian History notes. List of Revolutions in India pdf. Indian Dynasties and their Founders and their Capitals.

Static GK Study Material : Andhra Pradesh | Download In PDF

Bank Headquarters remembering Tricks. List of Central Banks of Different countries.

Indian Polity Study material Notes Indian Constitution Age Limits and Tenures. Indian Govt. Schemes Set List of all schemes of Indian government pdf.

Economic and Social issues. List Of Biosphere Reserves in India pdf. List of Tiger Reserves in India pdf. List of National parks in India pdf.

Indian Rivers Origin and Destination pdf. List of Airports in India pdf.

List of Famous Gardens in India. List of Museums in India.

List of Famous Mosques and Mausoleums in India. List of Nuclear Power plants in India pdf. List of Thermal Power plants in India with Capacity pdf.

Growth Estimates of India by different organisations. Important Facts Of Census List Of Regulatory bodies in India pdf.

AndhraPradesh GK Quiz : Top 50 Question Answers

Standardized IQ tests may therefore include measures of general knowledge, such as in the information subtest of the Wechsler Adult Intelligence Scale.

Individual differences in the efficiency of such processes might explain why all domains of semantic memory appear to be intercorrelated.

Though one study found that extraversion and neuroticism were negatively correlated with general knowledge, [7] others found that they were unrelated. In a comparison between male and female university students in 19 domains of academic knowledge, males had greater knowledge in 14 domains, especially in physical science and technology , but also in humanities and civics.

A study of university students in Northern Ireland found that males scored higher in general knowledge than females, as well as in 12 of 19 specific knowledge domains.

Telangana GK Quiz

Females scored moderately higher than males in medicine and cookery. The authors of this study suggested that this male advantage most likely reflects differences in interests rather than differences in verbal or memory ability.Answer:- Email.

Who is he? Females scored moderately higher than males in medicine and cookery.

A World GK in Telugu. Who is the first Chief minister of Telangna?

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