Hibernate is a popular framework of Java which allows an efficient Top 50 Hibernate Interview Questions & Answers .. Download PDF. Hibernate is an ORM (object-relational mapping) tool for Java programming language. Download Hibernate Interview Questions PDF. Dear readers, these Hibernate Interview Questions have been designed Hibernate is an Object-Relational MappingORM solution for JAVA and it raised as an.

Hibernate Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

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Then check out our detailed Hibernate Interview Questions! Besides studying them online you may download the eBook in PDF format!. These interview questions and answers on Hibernate will help you strengthen your technical skills, PDF was generated at Saturday 10th January, Hibernate Interview computerescue.info - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read What are the most common methods of Hibernate configuration?.

This cache can be configured on a pre-collection and per-class basis and it is mainly responsible for caching objects across the sessions. What are concurrency strategies?

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The concurrency strategies are the mediators who are responsible for storing items and retrieving them from the cache. In case of enabling a second level cache, the developer must decide for each persistent class and collection, and also which cache concurrency, has to be implemented. Following are the concurrency strategies that can be implemented by the developer: Transactional: This strategy is used mostly to read data where the prevention of stale data is critical in concurrent transactions, in the unique case of an update.

We can use it for reference data only. Read-Write: It is similar to transactional strategy.

Non-strict-Read-Write: This strategy assures no guarantee of consistency between the database and cache. We can use this strategy only if the data can be modified and a small likelihood of stale data is not the critical concern.

Explain some of the elements of hbm. It is used to define specific mappings from Java classes to database tables.

It is used to define the mapping of unique ID attribute in class to the primary key of the database table. It is used to generate the primary key values automatically. It is used to map a Java class property to a column in the database table.

Hibernate Interview Questions.pdf

It is used to map a java. Sortedset property in hibernate. List property in hibernate.

Collection property in hibernate. Map property in hibernate. Explain the important benefits of Hibernate framework?

Few important benefits of Hibernate framework are: Hibernates allows us to focus on business logic, eliminating all the boiler-plate code that comes with JDBC and handles the resources. What the benefits are of hibernate over JDBC?

Hibernate can be used seamlessly with any type of database as its database independent while in case of JDBC, developer has to write database specific queries.

In case of hibernate, there is no need to create connection pools as hibernate does all connection handling automatically while in case of JDBC, connection pools need to be created. How can we get hibernate statistics?

We can get hibernate statistics using getStatistics method of SessionFactory class as shown below: SessionFactory. What is transient instance state in Hibernate?

How can we reduce database write action times in Hibernate? Hibernate provides dirty checking feature which can be used to reduce database write times. Dirty checking feature of hibernate updates only those fields which require a change while keeps others unchanged.

Callback interfaces of hibernate are useful in receiving event notifications from objects. For example, when an object is loaded or deleted, an event is generated and notification is sent using callback interfaces.

When an instance goes in detached state in hibernate? When an instance was earlier associated with some persistent context e. What the four ORM levels are in hibernate?

Following are the four ORM levels in hibernate: a. Pure Relational.Use session. Ram Sandeep.

A SessionFactory is usually only built once at startup. Following fetching strategies are available in hibernate: Following are the concurrency strategies that can be implemented by the developer: Hibernate Interview Questions.

Hibernate Interview Questions.pdf

What is the difference between the session. Hibernate interview question How many ways Hibernate manages concurrency? Full Object Mapping.

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