Search Exam Name. Apply PDF icon General Studies and Engineering Aptitude Paper. PDF icon Mechanical Civil Services (Main) Examination, . For clearing the exam like UPSC Civil Services, one must know what weapons UPSC has used in past. Going through the previous years' papers clears the. 4 days ago View and download IAS Prelims previous years (past) papers for years complete series of question papers for various IAS Prelims Aptitude.

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4 days ago View and download IAS Prelims Aptitude (CSAT-2) previous years (past) most complete series of question papers for various IAS Prelims Aptitude. Show More. IAS Prelims CSAT Paper 2 Solved (Download PDF) · IAS. Civil service exam sample questions, UPSC Model Question Papers, UPSC Sample Upsc Question Bank, Model Test Papers For IAS Exams, UPSC Examination General Studies Question Paper I () [PDF Format]; General Studies. Year Question Papers. Click the below links to download UPSC Prelims question papers from to mock test platform. Print Friendly, PDF & Email.

Which of the statements given above are correct?

UPSC Civil Services Question Papers

The Board works to foster fair trade and competition amongst the entities. The appeals against the decisions of the Board go before the Appellate Tribunal established under section of the Electricity Act, 5. Select the correct answer using the code given below.

LTE is a term used for the particular type of 4G network that delivers the fastest mobile Internet experience. The VoLTE enables one to make calls over the LTE network, it allows phone's dialer to place call through internet and sends voice and data over the network.

IAS Question Papers

Pregnant women are entitled for three months pre-delivery and three months post-delivery paid leave. Enterprises with creches must allow the mother minimum six creche visits daily.


Women with two children get reduced entitlements. Women, who are expecting after having 2 children, get 12 weeks paid maternity leave.

The maternity leave can be availed 8 weeks before the expected date of delivery.

The Act mandates for establishing creche facility at organisations employing 50 or more employees. The women employees are permitted to visit the creche facility 4 times during the day. In India,'extended producer responsibility' was introduced as an important feature in which of the following?

The economic cost of food grains to the Food Corporation of India is Minimum Support Price and bonus if any paid to the farmers plus a transportation cost only c procurement incidentals and distribution cost d procurement incidentals and charges for godowns Answer: c Explanation: The economic cost of food grains procured by the Food Corporation of India FCI is a total of Minimum Support Price and bonus if any paid to the farmers plus the procurement incidentals and distribution cost.

The economic cost has three main components - procurement cost, procurement price, and distribution cost. The procurement incidentals are the initial costs incurred during procurement of foodgrains. The distribution costs include freight, handling charges, storage charges, losses during trasit and establishment cost. In the context of any country, which one of the following would be considered as part of its social capital?

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It replaces money through which people download the same help. The social capital of any country is measured through the level of trust and harmony among the people. Under the SAA, each bank branch in rural and semi-urban area needed to serve 15 to 25 villages.

So, students can really understand what not to ignore and which to select. Moreover, solving these papers also helps them in revision.

It is always advisable to solve these papers when students have completely done with their preparations. In the end, students can evaluate their own performance and work on their shortcomings. They can notice that many of the questions are reshaped or rephrased in the exams.

Students must read the questions carefully in the exam and can see how helpful it has been. It is always better for the students to self-evaluate their performance and gauge their understanding of the concepts.

UPSC Prelims Previous Year Question Papers

So, students must go ahead and solve sample papers and Civil Service Examination — both prelims and main- previous year question papers if they really desire to succeed in the civil service exam. We have model question papers in the online test for your practice.

These includes solved question of the previous years as well as the current ones. Our online test can be accessed after registration and making online payment.

The objective of the online test is to make you qualify the Prelims exam which can be done only through practice and more practice. So if you like to succeed in the IAS exam you must register and pay for the online test offered by Civil Service India.

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We have online tests for your practice of Civil Service exam.Ready to get this contact Also give sample answers to the mains questions the next day so that the aspirants are able to analyse their questions better. State Governments have the power to frame rules to prevent illegal mining of minor minerals.

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