How to read Kindle books on Nook. Kindle/Kindle Fire and other Kindle electronic readers are very good ebook devices. We can put them in pocket, or backpack. Here, I recommend you a nice way to help you read kindle books on nook tablet and there is no need to download another one from nook store. Generally speaking, site kindle devices support azw, azw3, mobi, prc, pdf and other formats, but the azw and mobi are the main types. Remove DRM from Kindle books, so you can read kindle books on Nook, share Kindle books on Nook more freely.

Kindle Book To Nook

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This article will cover the method to transfer Kindle books to Nook for reading Kindle books on Nook device - your gift for the coming Christmas. You may have a big collection of Kindle books, and want to transfer them to Nook tablet for enjoying. However, it is a pity that the Kindle books from site. The site Kindle eReader is distinct from many other devices in that it does not support the ePub file format. The Barnes & Noble Nook, on the other hand.

So got the nook working again by erasing and reloading i. Downloaded library books and two days later while reading one of the books at along hospital wait for a relative, the thing failed again.

I will try that, but since it is clearly a software problem and a problem with the Glowlight 3 I assume the replacement will be the same piece of junk. Others seem to have the same problem with unstable side loading software.

Save yourself a lot of aggravation and money and just get a Kindle. When the software fails it basically offers to sell you the book.

Long-time Nook owner, love the e-ink technology. You will call repeatedly, get different answers, and take hours to hopefully find someone who can help. I haven't actually experienced Nook customer support myself, but I've heard that. Thanks for chiming in with your experience! Re Customer Service -- yes the worst. When my Simple touch failed all I could get was some off shore operation reading scripts and their only solution to my issues was to erase and reset.

I let them talk me into downloading the Glowlight 3 which is a piece of junk for what I want it for and when it failed to sideload library content their customer service was 'read the manual.

Never again. You should also note that the Nook is not easily available to download outside the USA. My son brought me one back to the UK and while I'm a fan of Nook readers These are possibly significant limitations your readers may be interested in.

Personally, I feel Barnes and Noble have let their overseas customers down badly and sadly this will be my last Nook.

That's a good point—thanks for bringing it up. I didn't look into wider availability or how they function outside the US. If anyone else has international experience with these devices, I'd love to hear about it.

I have the best of both with my Nook tablet and the Kindle app. I support real book stores Barnes and Noble while having access to site's greater selection, especially in professional literature and textbooks. I too choose to support Barnes and Noble. I love all my Nooks and use them at different times for different things. I have the Kindle app on my tablets, readers and my phone but do not care for the features of the Kindle and only use it if I find a book for less money in their store.

That's a good solution too, if you're not put off by the backlit screen. That's what gets me; I'll choose the e-ink screen over a tablet screen any day. I don't know anyone with a nook, but plenty of people with Kobo ereaders.

I just got a new waterproof Kobo Aura for christmas, and it's a lovely thing.

I've heard good things about Kobo readers! I've never used one myself, but I'm glad to hear good things. I especially like the waterproof feature. That's fantastic. My wife and I gave our son a Kindle Fire HD 8" Christmas before last and it's one of the most enjoyable things he's ever received.

He's quite a "real" book lover and collector, but does like the Kindle for all the portability and convenience features. I've used it a time or two, just to see what the experience was all about, but maybe I'm just a dullard I like using my Android phone or 7" tablet with the Kindle app just as much, if not more.

The tablet was definitely much cheaper than the Kindle, and I have what seems to me to be much more functionality. I would imagine that your 7" tablet is pretty similar to the Kindle tablet, but I could be wrong. I'm not sure how different it would be from another Android tablet.

How to Read Kindle Books on Nook

I'll have to look into that! I use an original Nook Simple Touch. It does everything I need an eBook reader to do without all the other "fluff". That's great—and one of the best qualities of ereaders is that they seem to continue functioning pretty much forever. If you get one you like, there's rarely a need to upgrade for many years.

I bought one of the original nook readers years ago and that is still what I use when I am not on my phone or reading an actual book. Just never felt the need to upgrade. My wife has a first-edition or at least very close to first-edition Kindle, too.

Ereaders just have a phenomenally long life! Could you please also review the Kindle tablets with this.

Transfer Kindle Books to Nook

I still use the Kindle HDX and love it! Thank you! Top Deals. Nook vs. Entertainment Nook vs. Dan Price January 24, Updated January 24, 5 minutes.

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Copy excerpts and get them to your PC somehow? Thank you SO much for this review! Definitely helps me with my decision! Regina wrote: I do what sassysami wrote I've only converted a dozen of so that i hadn't read Mar 08, How many books have you done this with? I can see a few being DRM-free to begin with, but if you're doing this with a large And come to think of it, I don't actually download books from site; I only get the freebies, so they might not be DRM protected.

Apr 06, Put them into Calibre to convert them to my Nook. If you have the Calibre program, you can download these tools to take off the DRM. I use it mostly for my own books that I have an to let my mom read a book I have or something of that sort. Plus I want to read my Kindle books on my Nook so I use it for that too. Apr 07, Erica wrote: How is that process done?

TJ, open the Kindle for PC app and download the book to your computer. Then open Calibre and click on the add to library button.

Tell it to go to you Kindle directory on your computer, then choose your book. Apr 08, Thanks, Erica! Nicole wrote: She can read the site books on it when it's on as a tablet on the kindle app. If you're interested, google "n2a cards. Apr 27, Most Kindle e-books are with DRM.

Here is an article for details: Mar 28, You don't have to fool around converting anything. On your Nook, go to the white Google shopping bag and open.

Go to Apps inside the shopping bag. Then do a search for "Kindle". It will come up and the Kindle is a free download. Now you have the Kindle application on your Nook. From that Kindle application, you can download any kindle books you have previously bought for free and you can download new Kindle books onto your Nook. I just did it today and it works well. Hope this helps! Mar 29, Mar 30, If the book isn't DRM protected, than you can use a program called Calibre at http: It's free but if you like it, you should send a donation.

I think it's the best program for ereaders. I think that is shortsighted on their part. Jean wrote: I think it's the best program for I use it all the time, especially moving books from one device to another Kindle, Nook, laptop, desktop.

It also gives you nice big photos of the covers, and shows a check mark for anything you have already downloaded. It is really nice to have one spot where everything is located, no matter where you downloaded it from. You can save to multiple disks by choosing which device you want to download to.

You can even connect to iTunes you can check and see but I believe that means you can drop books to your phone - I don't need a cell so I can't be sure and you can even e-mail DRM free books to your friends.

It will automatically reformat for what you need for each device. Send these wonderful people some money when you download.

Mar 31, All you have to do is download the Kindle app from the Google Play store, log in with your account information and there you go! As for caliber, it is a good program for organizing your ebook content. To my knowledge you can't strip DRM from books using that program.

I have never tried that stripping of DRM thing. You can strip DRM using calibre, if you know how to tweek it. However, it is frowned upon and is potentially illegal, so it can't be shared.Convert Nook to Kindle 1. That's great—and one of the best qualities of ereaders is that they seem to continue functioning pretty much forever. For book shown nothing as I have marked out, it means this book is DRM free.

Hi Maggie, Yes this instruction is solid for all models of Nook. The Different Ebook Formats Explained: Here are 3 methods to read Kindle books on Nook eReaders, all of which are solid for all the models of Nook devices, either E-Ink reader or tablet. Furthermore, if we can do that, it means we do not need to pay a dual price for our loving books any more!

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