Training ScheduLe. Heart Rate No PLan, No Purpose, No Point. 3. 4. 5. 6 GSP RUSHFIT is the uLtimate home fitness program. lf you're [ooking to get in the . BEGINNER TRAINING CALENDAR WEEKS RUSHFIT. BUILD MUSCLE CUT WEIGHT & GET IN SHAPE. MAKE SURE YOU the Workout Guide to. RushFit (Intermediate) Schedule - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. RushFit Rushfit intermediate Training Calendar Weeks

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The original Rushfit Beginner Workout Calendar . within this site we would advise completing each programme in accordance with the calendars supplied with. Rushfit is an intense eight-week training camp which comes in seven high You can map these stats and compare your results at the end of the programme. Photo Enhancement Software | zoek naar Trainingen?Rushfit Workout Schedule gsp rushfi.

Five minutes of this is certainly tough mentally and physically. The final three rounds change things up by offering rapid changes of dumbell exercises varying between targetting the upper and lower body, and some both at the same time.

Most importantly I lost the majority of my expanding belly in the process which was my main goal and I could start to see my abs coming through. One thing I did notice was a big increase in my cardio in particular and also my strength levels over the course of the program.

As part of the system you do an initial fitness assessment before you begin and then the same one after you complete the 8 weeks and a I blew my initial numbers for things like sit-ups, press-ups, squats and burpees out of the water.

Most importantly though from my point of view is that this program is actually fun to do. Pierre will keep you motivated. Sets are top-level use their many artists and improve upward-swept shown as high lords.

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gsp rushfit training calendar pdf

It was primarily bodyweight based cardio exercises. With The Asylum, they've fixed all that.

One main issue I have with it though is that some of the jump rope variations Shaun T has you doing are murder on the knees and no REAL jump rope instructor would have you doing them. Relatively safe compared to the original Insanity, though, and overall a nice solid program that only lasts 30 days.

Only equipment needed are dumbbells OR resistance bands, a pullup bar OR resistance bands, and an agility ladder and a jump rope which come with the DVDs.


The jump rope they give you is a really low quality one, though, that probably won't last too long. This is a suspension trainer based workout program that comes in a kit with the suspension trainer itself. You will need either a kettlebell or a set of medium-weight dumbbells beginning around week 5 of the program. Nothing too heavy, and one single set will do.

There are really only three strikes against this program, but to me they're big deals.

The people in the videos are using awful form for the suspension trainer-specific exercises believe me I would know suspension trainers and if you follow their form you'll not only not see results, you'll hurt yourself. The second one is that nowhere in the kit does it say you will need a dumbbell or kettlebell for the program.I can't fault them too much for that though because they are, above all, safe, and a lot of video programs coming out today can't make that claim.

Eliminating the compromises P90X makes in building a program around average home equipment and allowing you to take full advantage of gym-grade gear with that same structure leads to a program that is a LOT more efficient.

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