We'll make these and add them to the site as we have time: Crab Nebula, Buick Under no circumstances should the computerescue.info,.jpg computerescue.info image files be. This book is provided free of charge by computerescue.info Please feel free to distribute Use a crayon to divide the paper into small or large sections. Color each. We Are Paper Toys: Print-Cut-Fold-Glue-Fun [Louis Bou] on computerescue.info The book includes a CD with PDF templates of some of the paper toys showcased.

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The book includes a CD with PDF templates of some of the paper toys showcased in this book. They are ready to be printed, cut, and pasted so you can have. These vintage paper toys have been entertaining children for decades. We will try to include printable versions whenever possible. Look for a PDF link under the . Easy DIY craft tutorial ideas for free printable paper toys. Low Poly Unicorn Sculpture, Unicorn Decor, 3D Paper Unicorn - Printable PDF Template Find images and videos about diy, camera and polaroid on We Heart It - the app to get .

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I hope you enjoy it! PDF Templates below. Happy Sledding!

The kids love using their creativity to design new puppets, but they also get to continue using their imaginations as they act out stories with each character. We can spend hours around the table crafting, acting and entertaining each other for some fun family time!

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For this set of puppets, … Paper City Camping Scene! Here is the other project I just finished for Pottery Barn Kids.

A little camping scene in the woods. I hope it gives you a small taste of the great outdoors! Template is below! Template: Click on the image below, then print! Flapping Paper Bird Toy I used to make birds like this when I was a kid, flying them all around the house and yard.

Usually we just run around and they flap through the air like a wild kite.

I also made a quick video you can show to your kids to get them excited about the craft! They used it in the programs for their Aladdin production so kids could take it home and cut it out.

Paper Toys: Print, Cut Out, Fold and Paste

Need a holiday traveling project for the kids? Here is a travel size Paper City Nativity Scene! Here's some of the Testimonials we have received We knew our challenge was difficult but papertoys came through with flying colors. The jack-up drilling rig model you designed is more than we expected! Thank you.

We look forward to working more together in the future. The children went crazy.

Thank you for all of the fun. John's Elementary. Thanks for the great gift! Do you think that you could make a life-size fold-up of Cindy Crawford? In my capacity as each of the above, I've found your site a gold mine.


Thank you very much for your generous offers. The Lincoln turned out great. I finished it off as a nasty bad muscle car. The London taxi was fun also.

Anyone anywhere in the world can take part in the creation of paper toys, from the artists who design them to the fans who build them. This do-it-yourself dynamic of the movement encourages fans to become artists and vice versa. We are Paper Toys! Each artist gives us a glimpse of their world and explains their passion for paper toys through a personal interview. They are ready to be printed, cut, and pasted so you can have these small works of art in your own home. Site web.

Suivre les nouveaux commentaires par e-mail.Here's some of the Testimonials we have received English ISBN When you cut them out, be sure to cut out the tabs of each as well and fit them together with each piece. Share your thoughts with other customers.

Paper stuff for kids and grown-ups. Paper Toys These vintage paper toys have been entertaining children for decades.

Have Some Paper Dolls to Share?

John's Elementary. There are two pages and both will be on the PDF file to follow below.

This is great for kids to make and share. I do not read French, but I used Google Translate and got the following translation.

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