DERMATOLOGY POSTING (groups 7, 8, 9) MCQ PRETEST (T/F) computerescue.infor lesions a) acne vulgaris b) tinea corporis c) urticaria d) erythema. Dermatology Mcq Frcp - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. derma mcq. the dermatologist. Authored in brisk Department of Dermatology, PSG Hospital and Medical College, dermatology as their career and the MCQ spells the.

Dermatology Mcqs Pdf

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Full text is available as a scanned copy of the original print version. Get a printable copy (PDF file) of the complete article (K), or click on a page image below. Page 1. DERMATOLOGY QUIZ. ANSWERS. Page 2. Case 1. ® Acute rash. ® Skin lesions developed shortly after fever blisters. (HSV) around the mouth. Get this from a library! Dermatology; multiple choice questions and answers referenced to textbooks and journals.. [Dennis Allen Weigand].

Subcutaneous nodules d. A year-old male presents to his pediatrician with a 3-year history of well-controlled psoriasis primarily located on the elbows, knees and scalp. His current skin regimen includes high potency topical steroids and vitamin D analogues.

1st Edition

He is embarrassed to participate in gym class because of the appearance of his skin. What is the next best step in his care? Increase the frequency of application of the topical medications to three times daily b. Start him on oral prednisone c.

Refer him to a dermatologist for consideration of systemic treatment d. Add an antibiotic for superinfection e. Tell him there is nothing more that can be done for his disease 5.

I would recommend this module to a peer or student: a. Strongly agree c. Neither agree or disagree d.

There has to be an element of challenge, and reference to a larger work such as Textbook of Dermatology edited by A.

Rook, 0.

Dermatology; multiple choice questions and answers referenced to textbooks and journals.

Wilkinson, F. Ebling and J.

Burton Blackwell Scientific Publications may occasionally be required. Each question consists of a stem followed by five statements, none of which derives from or excludes any of the others.

At least one correct and one incorrect answer follows each stem. Two medical aphorisms are that one should never say "Never" and that the more one knows about a subject the more difficult it is to give a straight "Yes" or "No" answer to a multiple choice question.

Bear this in mind and use these questions sensibly, without looking for tricks and without believing that you should know about every exception to the general rule.

It is worth remembering that examiners setting MCQs will tend to give false examples that are well outside the normal findings so that there can be less argument about whether the response is correct or not. Go through the papers with a friend and argue about the answers - it is a good way to learn and can be fun, though that might depend on the friend.

Dermatology Mcq Frcp

General guidelines for answering these and other MCQs are: 1. Read the question carefully.

This seems obvious but it is often a source of simple mistakes. For example, is the question asking for a positive or a negative answer " All 'x' do show 'y'" or "All 'x' do not show 'y'''?

After reading the stem it is worth thinking about the topic for a moment or two before looking at the alternatives presented. For example, if the stem says "In basal cell carcinomata Then look at what is given; some of the things you have thought about may be in front of you. Do not guess. Most multiple choice wrong answers are included because they have a certain familiar ring about them; they are close to the truth but not quite close enough.

Therefore, if you are totally ignorant about a subject do not try to answer the questions.

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Be decisive. If you think an answer is correct mark it as such and move on. If you spend too long on thinking about an answer you can almost always persuade yourself that it is right, or wrong as the case may be.

If the answer is not obvious after careful reading miss the question out and come back to it at the end. Ignore statistics.

Just answer each question as it is set and do not try to work on the basis either of how many marks you have already scored or how many right or wrong answers have been presented.

The questions in this book have been divided into 10 revision papers of 20 questions each. Each paper covers a wide range of topics.Kaposi's sarcoma d. Toxic epidermal necrolysis c.

Dermatology Quiz

F-A totally benign if painful condition. T-Even if high temperatures continue.

T-It is one cause of otitis externa. Follicular dilation involving the nose and portions of the cheeks, erythema, papules, and pustules are classic signs of this dermatologic disorder. T-The commonest cause. The malaise is most likely to have been due to a viral infection c.

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