In order to help students, Civildatas provides CY Engineering Chemistry II 2 marks 16 marks questions with key answers for Students. Students can. Engineering Chemistry-2, EC2 Study Materials, Engineering Class handwritten notes, exam notes, previous year questions, PDF free download. Engineering Chemistry2[Nov,Dec]R ( MiB, pdf, downloads). Engineering Chemistry2[Nov,Dec]R ( MiB, pdf, downloads).

Engineering Chemistry 2 Pdf

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2. Engineering Chemistry – Jain & Jain – Dhanpat Rai & Sons. 3. A Text Book of Engineering Chemistry – S.S. Dara – S. Chand Publication. Reference Book: 1. CY CHEM 2 2marks 16marks, Engineering Chemistry 2 Question Bank, CHEM 2 Short Answers – IT 2nd SEM Anna University. Check Out Engineering Chemistry 1st Year Notes Pdf Free Download. We have CA IPCC Practice Manual for Nov – Group 1 & 2 (Hindi & English).

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Follow Vidyarthiplus. View a Printable Version Subscribe to this thread. Current time: Linear Mode. Threaded Mode. What is an electrolytic cell?

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It is a device used for converting electrical energy into chemical energy. What do you mean by electrode potential E? It is the tendency of an electrode in a half cell to lose or gain electrons when it is in contact with the solution of its own ions.

What are reduction and oxidation potentials? Reduction potential is the tendency of an electrode in a half cell to gain electrons and oxidation potential is the tendency of an electrode in a half cell to lose electrons.

What do you mean by standard electrode potential E? It is the electrode potential of a metal in contact with its ions when the concentration of ions is 1 M 1 molar.

What is a salt bridge? It is an inverted U-tube containing an electrolyte e. It connects acts as a bridge the solutions of the two half cells.

Engineering Chemistry-2

What is the E. It is defined as the potential difference between the two terminals of the cell when no current is drawn from it.

What is an indicating electrode? It is an electrode in balance with an redox couple, the potential of which is given by Nernst equation.

Engineering Chemistry-2

Carbonate hardness or Temporary hardness x It is due to chlorides and sulphates of calcium and magnesium. What are the disadvantages of scale formation?

Scale act as thermal insulators. It decreases the efficiency of boiler.

Any crack developed on the scale, leads to explosion. What is Calgon?

How is it functioning in water treatment?Mono sodium di hydrogen phosphate NaH2PO4 acidic used for alkaline acidic water. Colloids Explosives and Propellants The process of removing common salt NaCl from the water is called desalination. Give its significance? Tech 1st Year Chemistry Books at site also. Subject Code: Recommend on Google Follow Vidyarthiplus.

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