BILL FREIGHT CHARGES TO (if different than above). REMIT C.O.D. TO (if FedEx Freight. Create your next Bill of Lading online at /. Forms Required for Shipping From the U.S.. U.S. to U.S.. Uniform Straight Bill of Lading · VICS Retail Bill of Lading. U.S. to Canada. Uniform Straight Bill of. Canada Bill of Lading · Customs Invoice (English/French). Use AESDirect to file your Shipper's Export Declaration (SED) to the Automated Export System (AES).

Fedex Freight Priority Bill Of Lading Pdf

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Now you can create FedEx Freight shipping labels and the Bill of Lading for FedEx Choose fast-transit FedEx Freight Priority (formerly FedEx Freight transit times) to meet . the Interactive User Guide available in PDF format for downloading. Fill Fedex Straight Bill Of Lading, download blank or editable online. Sign, fax and account help desk, ; Bill of Lading for FedEx Freight (pdf). Fill out, securely sign, print or email your fedex straight bill of lading form instantly Freight q FedEx Freight q A. M. Delivery q Close of Business Delivery Priority.

Get And Sign Fedex Straight Bill Of Lading Form

Not selecting an additional coverage option is considered to be a waiver of same and standard liability coverage will apply. Additional charges will apply. NOTE 3 Commodities requiring special or additional care or attention in handling or stowing must be so marked and packaged as to ensure safe transportation with ordinary care.

See Sec. If this shipment is to be delivered to the consignee, without recourse on the consignor, the consignor shall sign the following statement.


The carrier may decline to make delivery of this shipment without payment of freight and all other lawful charges. Except in the case of negligence of the carrier or party in possession, the carrier or party in possession shall not be liable for loss, damage or delay which results: when the property is stopped and held in transit upon request of the shipper, owner or party entitled to make such requests; or from faulty or impassible highway, or by lack of capacity of a highway bridge or ferry; or from a defect or vice in the property; or from riots or strikes.

The burden to prove freedom from negligence is on the carrier or the party in possession. Unless arranged or agreed upon, in writing, prior to shipment, carrier is not bound to transport a shipment by a particular schedule or in time for a particular market, but is responsible to transport with reasonable dispatch. In case of physical necessity, carrier may forward a shipment via another carrier.

Where claims are not filed or suits are not instituted thereon in accordance with the foregoing provisions, no carrier shall be liable, and such claims will not be paid.

Carrier shall promptly attempt to provide notice, by telephonic or electronic communication as provided on the face of the Bill of Lading, if so indicated, to the shipper or the party, if any, designated to receive notice on this Bill of Lading.

Storage charges, based on carriers tariff, shall start no sooner than the next business day following the attempted notification.

Storage may be, at the carriers option, in any location that provides reasonable protection against loss or damage. The carrier may place the shipment in public storage at the owners expense and without liability to the carrier.

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Such notice shall advise that if carrier does not receive disposition instructions within 10 days of that notification, carrier may offer the shipment for sale at a public auction and the carrier has the right to offer the shipment for sale. The advanced tools of the editor will direct you through the editable PDF template.

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