FONCA JOVENES CREADORES PDF - Read the latest magazines about Fonca and discover magazines on Share. Jovenes-Creadores-Fonca · sopelana . *Scholarship holder Jóvenes Creadores FONCA HABITANTE is a project that won a young artists grant for Jóvenes Creadores FONCA What is the moon? - Sketch for the installation. mixed media on paper, 21 × 30 cm .. Jóvenes Creadores, National Fund of the Arts, FONCA, MX.

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Ocotepec Odyssey () is a transdisciplinary research project about radical social . Grants: Akademie der Kuenste der Welt (), Jóvenes Creadores del. FONCA (, , ), Programa de Arte Actual Bancomer-Carrillo Gil. Group show on MARSO's booth at Art Fair ZONA MACO Mexico Awarded with the Mexican scholarship Jóvenes Creadores in the Alternative Provided by the National Fond for Culture and Arts FONCA. Adriana Lara, White Flag Projects, St. Louis, Missouri. Adriana Lara . Creación en Movimiento, Jóvenes creadores, FONCA, Morelia and. Mexico City.

And just then dawn was coming over the Gulf of Mexico and we began to see the ghostly shapes of yucca cactus and organpipe on all sides.

Now we resumed the road to Monterrey. The great mountains rose snow-capped before us; we bowled right for them. Have you dug this Mexican sun, Sal? It makes you high.


I want to get on and on -this road drives me!! I gulped.

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I saw streams of gold pouring through the sky and right across the tattered roof of the poor old car, right across my eyeballs and indeed right inside them; it was everywhere. Immediately outside Gregoria the road began to drop, great trees arose on each side, and in the trees as it grew dark we heard the great roar of billions of insects that sounded like one continuous high-screeching cry… I stuck my head out the window; bugs smashed at my face; a great screech rose the moment I cocked my ear to the wind.

Suddenly our lights were working again and they poked ahead, illuminating the lonely road that ran between solid walls of dropping, snaky trees as high as a hundred feet. No towns, nothing, lost jungle, miles and miles, and down-going, getting hotter, the insects screaming louder, the vegetation growing higher, the smell ranker and hotter until we began to get used to it and like it… There was one oil lamp in here, and outsider a few more brown lights, and the rest all black, black, black…It was so incredibly hot it ws impossible to sleep.

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I opened my mouth to it and drew deep breaths of jungle atmosphere. It was not air, never air, but the palpable and living emanation of trees and swamp… Dawn came rapidly in a gray haze, revealing dense swamp sunk on both sides, with tall, forlorn, viny trees leaning and bowing over tangled bottoms.

We bowled right along the railroad tracks for a while.

We came into the dizzying heights of Sierra Madre Oriental. The banana trees gleamed golden in the haze. Great fogs yawned beyond stone walls along the precipice.

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She explores audiovisual languages with the skills of a surgeon and the inspiration of a novelist.

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