REFERENCE TECHNIQUES: HARVARD style IN-TEXT REFERENCE TO A HTML DOCUMENT (NO PAGE NUMBERS AS IN PDF). The Harvard WesternSydU style is one of a number of styles of referencing or bibliographic . pdf>. the one stated in your guidelines, you could find you lose marks. This guide introduces you to the Harvard referencing style, which uses an 'author-date'.

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comprehensive guide to referencing print materials see: from the guidelines on this sheet. You may a brief guide to the Harvard referencing style. Page 1 of Harvard Style Reference Guide – Adapted for The IIE Note: The same guidelines that are used to refer to authors of books, chapters and. Harvard Reference Guide. 1. In-text referencing. Referencing is a standardised method of acknowledging the sources of information you have consulted.

Peri, J. Le Musiche de Jacopo Peri. Milan: Ricordi. No known author Anonymous or Anon. Payments for arable land increase its competitiveness against forestry, conversion to which is undesirable according to the county's environmental objectives Anonymous, No known place of publication s. No obvious publisher Coccioli, L.

Information has been traced from other sources Use square brackets Mayer, J. Birmingham: [Birmingham Conservatoire].

How do I maintain confidentiality? For some forms of academic writing, it is not possible to provide the name of a cited source for reasons of confidentiality.

This is especially the case in a health context. For documents available to the general public, for example patient information leaflets produced by a Trust: The information provided by the Trust about this service is written in several languages Appendices In your appendices, these documents would then be labelled as Appendix 1, Appendix 2 and Appendix 3.

When you submit academic work for assessment, you sign to state that the work is your own, that confidentiality has been maintained and that any names used in the work are pseudonyms. It is good practice for you to state at the outset of your work that pseudonyms have been used.

Public Offers of Securities Regulations Code of Practice For an in-text reference: When discussing a Code of Practice linked to legislation, refer to the code of practice within the text of your writing and cite the piece of legislation to which is attached The recent code of practice Mental Capacity Act noted that staff should For an in- text reference: When discussing the code of practice linked to a professional organisation cite the professional organisation.

Title, in italics if a separate element, offically assigned number such as a Command number as it is on the document, within brackets. Royal Commission on civil liability and compensation for personal injury, Pearson Report Cmnd. Select Committee on nationalised industries , Consumers and the nationalised industries: prelegislative hearings HC , House of Commons, Home Affairs Committee, The Work of the Border Force.

Hansard, Vol , col. Law reports It is recommended that you follow accepted legal citation, which is not part of the Harvard system. Jones v Lipman [] 1 WLR In the last example you should only quote the two law reports if you have used them. An in-text reference for the above example would read: In the recent case of R v White John Henry , the defence noted The required elements for a reference are: Corporate author, Year.

Full title of annual report, Place of Publication: Publisher. For an e-version of an annual report.

The required elements for a reference are: Author or corporate author, Year. Annual report It is good practice to keep in your files a copy of the front page of any website you use containing reference details If you have used material from archives or special collections, the required elements for a reference are: Author, Initials.

Title of document. Brown, P. An address to the Farmer.

London: Holdbury Library. An in-text reference for the above example would read: Brown, British Standards and International Standards The required elements for a reference are: Corporate author, Year of Publication.

Identifying letters and numbers and full title of Standard, Place of publication: Publisher. British Standards Institution, BS Recommendations for wiring identification.

Milton Keynes: BSI. International Standards Office, Geneva: ISO. The required elements for an e-version are: Corporate author, Year. Identifying letters and numbers and full title of Standard [online]. Place of publication if available : Publisher. BS EN Timber structures. Test methods. Racking strength and stiffness of timber frame wall panels. Full title of regulation and edition. Building Regulations Approved Documents L1A: Conservation of fuel and power in new dwellings edition incorporating amendments for use in England.

Construction Information Service. The required elements for a reference are: Inventor name, Initials. Patent number status, if an application. Example: Graham, C. Tableting sugar and compositions containing it. Leonard, Y. Tin can manufacture and method of sealing. The required elements for a conference report are: Authorship, Year. Full title of conference report. Location, Date.

Seoul, Republic of Korea, May New York: United Nations. The required elements for a conference paper are: Author, Initials. Full title of conference paper. In: followed by editor or name of organisation, Full title of conference.

Brown, J. Evaluating surveys of transparent governance. Full title of report. Place: Publisher: Department of Health, National service framework for older people. London: Department of Health. Coulter, A. Making shared decision-making a reality: no decision about me, without me.

London: The King's Fund. Mintel, FAME, Stock Profile for Tesco, Passport, New approaches to functional coffee. Market size: Hot Drinks, world data. Title of dissertation. Official name of University.

Richmond, J. Customer expectations in the world of electronic banking: a case study of the Bank of Britain. Anglia Ruskin University. The required elements for an e-version are: Author, Initials.

The legacy of leadership - a study of leadership influence within a single organisation. University of Sheffield. Following EU conventions, examples of various EU documents are given below: The required elements for a reference are: The name of the Institution where the document originates e.

Course material and Lecture notes It is important to check with the lecturer who has given the lecture that they are in agreement with course material being included in any Reference List. If they are in agreement, and if it is not a publicly available document, it is important to provide a copy in the Appendix of your work.

The citation to the course material in your Reference List should then also refer to the Appendix. It would also be advisable to follow up any sources mentioned in your lecture and read these for yourself.

Common issues

Title of item, Module Code Module title. HE Institution, unpublished. Williams, B. Guide to project management, BDS Management. Anglia Ruskin University, unpublished. Available at: web address if available over the internet, otherwise indicate if available through WebCT, SharePoint or other virtual learning environment address.

An in-text reference for the above examples would read: Williams, Quotations from written plays When reviewing a number of different plays it is essential to cite the title of the plays.

If reviewing one play for example Twelfth Night , it is not necessary to repeat the title in your citations. Published plays may contain line numbers, particularly in classic texts such as Shakespeare.

If they exist it is good practice to include the line number. Act and Scene numbers must always be included. Classic plays are available in edited editions and the editor's name should be included with your reference. Title of play. Edited by name of editor, initials first, then surname. Shakespeare, W. Twelfth Night. Edited by R. Warren and T.

Harvard citation style: Introduction

Oxford: Oxford University Press. In-text: After the date, add Act. Scene: line number s. Line numbers may not be available, Act.

Scene should always be included. Much speculation has occurred when Malvolio imagines he might marry Olivia, "there is example for't; the Lady of the Strachy married the yeoman of the wardrobe" Shakespeare, , 2. Poems The required elements for a poem are: Poem author s surname s and initials. Title of poem. Year of book. First and last page numbers followed by full-stop.

Hughes, T. Wild West. In: P. Keegan, ed. Collected poems of Ted Hughes. Interviews Where you have conducted an interview - using a primary source.

You are recommended to check with your Faculty Office for detailed guidance on what you may include. Where you are conducting the interview, it is important to check with the person being interviewed that they will be in agreement with a transcript of the interview being made available. Since this will not be a publicly available document, it may be included as a transcript within an Appendix in your piece of work. The citation for this interview should refer to the Appendix. In an interview Appendix A the findings of the report were reviewed and White agreed with In the Appendix you should include details such as: Interviewee's name.

Year of interview. Title of interview. Interviewed by Together with the transcript. Where you are using an interview from a source such as a television programme The suggested elements for a reference are: Interviewee name, Initials. Title of Interview. Ahern, B. Interview on Morning Ireland. John Boyd.

Harvard Referencing

An in-text reference for the above examples would read: Ahern, These may be print or electronic. For a print press release: Corporate author of press release, Year.

Press release, date. RCN, The library subscribes to many electronic information resources in order to provide access for students. The software also connects with Word as an add-in shown as a separate tab called EndNote X8, not the References tab. Paraphrase The International Chamber of Commerce , p. Department of Health, Long acting? Provide the bibliographic details of the image first, then the details of the information source in which it appears.

BS Recommendations for wiring identification. Wild West. How do I use the Harvard Referencing Style?

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