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Infinity Blade: Awakening. Home · Infinity Blade: Awakening 5 downloads 83 Views KB Size Report. DOWNLOAD EPUB Infinity · Read more. Suddenly, the story of Ausar became as epic, touching and intriguing as my favorites do! Suddenly I understood that I am a fan of Infinity Blade as a universe. This book was incredible. Inside the pages, emotion, plot, dialogue, and so many more things that are essential to any great tale are displayed in a way that.

I could go about being myself. Whoever that is. Must you go, Siris? You could stay, hide here. We could make it work. No, he said. I wont bring this down upon you. I cant make you stay, I suppose. She didnt seem pleased about that. But where will you go? I dont know, he said, gathering the cloak, wrapped like a pack with his armor inside of it. Are you at least willing to listen to a little advice?

From you? I wished to the lights of heaven that you hadnt set your feet on this path. But you did, son. I didnt have a choice.

Thats foolishness, she said. You always have a choice. Foolishness or not, it was still how he felt. You set your feet on this path, she continued. So now you need to finish what you began. I killed the God King! What more could they ask of me? Its no longer about what people are asking of you, son, she said. She reached over, taking his hand. Im sorry, she said more softly. You dont deserve this.

It is true. He looked down. Dont despair. She rose, taking him by the arms. Youve done something wonderful, Siris. Something everyone thought impossible. You have fulfilled the dreams of your fathers, and avenged their deaths. She pulled away and looked up at him. Do you remember what we spoke of, on that night before you left? I told you that if you are going to do something, son, she said, you need to do it with all of your heart. You have something you didnt have before.

Youve defeated one of them. They can be beaten. She held his eyes, and he nodded slowly. Good, she said, squeezing his arms. Ill pack you food for your trip. He watched her limp away. Shes right, he thought. Ive done the impossible once. Ill do it again. This time, however, he wouldnt be hunting someone to kill. This time his quest would be more personal. Somehow, he would find the one thing hed always wanted without realizing it.

Hed find freedom. It was the uncontrolled gasp of one who had been without breath for too long. The gasp of the dead returning to life, his heart pounding, his eyes opening wide. It was a terrifying, yet exhilarating feeling. It was a feeling he had never wanted to feel again. Around him floated the serene sounds of his Seventh Temple of Reincarnation. Soft rain outside, hitting leaves and the quiet rooftop, leaving the air cool and damp. A few muted beeps from the deadminds that monitored his vital signs.

The swishing of robes in the hallway outside; his Devoted, hurrying to obey the call of reincarnation. Yes, outside was serenity. Inside was chaos. That would not do. Thousands of years of life had taught Raidriar many things, but the most important was to be in control.

He sat up, reaching out to pick up the helm that lay on the nearby table. The faces of the Deathless were not to be seen by common mortals. He rose, bare feet upon the smooth bamboo floor, and crossed the room to where a suit of armor stood waiting. One of the newer sets, the height of current design and technology. Hed been meaning to begin using itthis offered a good chance. His old set had probably been taken by thieves by now, robbed from his corpse.

He checked the wall-mounted deadmind mirrorthat mirror would have been called a monitor in earlier eras, but it had been so long that hed stopped using such terms.

They could be confusing to people in this era. The mirrors information indicated that his new body was functioning normally, that reincarnation had been a success, and that all was well in this particular quarter of his kingdom. He stepped into the armor, which lay open and splayed like a corpse on a dissection table. It began to fold around him, locking into place.

The fight replayed in his mind. Another in a long line of heroes come to kill him, responding to the seeded legends. An offer to join him refused. A duel, one on one, after the classical ideal. Did these mortals understand the honor he did them in granting them such a privilege? Probably notafter all, this mortal had ended that duel by ramming the God Kings own blade into his chest. For just a moment, lying stunned at the foot of his throne, the God King had known true fear.

He could not suppress a shiver. I could have died, he thought. Died the final death, real death. The concept was unfamiliar. He turned it over in his head, like a man tasting a new vintage of wine.

He found that wine bitter. It reminded him of something he had been long, long ago. He had no more in common with that person of old than an acorn had with a mighty oak. Nono more in common than an acorn had with a temple constructed from that oak. The comfortable familiarity of his armor enveloped him, locking onto his arms, hands, neck, torso. Cool air immediately circulated over his skin, and the armor took account of his vitals, delivering strength, bursts of healing, and other aid through careful injections.

He slipped on the helm. The armor itself had no life, of coursenot even a deadmind and the boosts it gave were minimal. In clashes between the Deathless, ones own body was the true test. Armor that worked like a machine had been abandoned millennia ago. Duels were about finesse, skill, and class, not who could construct the most powerful device to aid them.

His Devoted entered in a cluster, then fell to their knees. The God King passed them, his footsteps crunching on the bamboo rug. Activate the deadminds in the temple of Lantimor, he said, waving a gauntleted hand. Great master? Has something gone wrong? Of course not, the God King said.

The Devoted said nothing; they knew the God King was not supposed to have been reincarnated here for some time yet. They also knew not to demand answers of him.

Some Deathless would execute their servants for even this small amount of questioning, but the God King was no fool. Mortals were a resource, one he had used to great advantage when many of his peers dismissed them out of hand. In fact, he was fond of many of them, including Eves, High Devoted of this particular temple. Surround yourself with people too afraid to speak, and you left yourself to only your own ideas.

That could be disastrous. It was important to have men who would question you and see flaws in your plans, so long as you could control them. It was all about control. The rain continued outside; the God King wished he could control that. He was trying to find ways, for it galled him that he could not do something so seemingly simple. The eye of the rooms primary deadmind displayed a window into his palace on Lantimor, the place where that.

It displayed an empty throne room, and information came up in lists beside it. A week had passed since his death. A tiny smidgen of time, barely worth noticingexcept it meant that the child had had time to escape with the Godkiller. No matter. Raidriar had good ways to keep track of him. Dead, he read. All three of my captives. But those were soul cells. They couldnt be completely gone unless.

The sword was working. That should have been impossible, in the hands of one such as hed faced. The proof was before him, however, and he felt a thrill at it. How, then, had Raidriar himself survived? He confronted this question, the one most worrisome to him, as it displayed a profound lack of control. That fight had not gone the way it should have. Of course. It was strong enough to kill lesser Deathless, but not yet at full power. He should have realized this. Perhaps only one more death of the right bloodline, and.

Ah, he thought, seeing another bit of information. That could be an issue. Find me a recording of the moment where I let him defeat me, he said out loud. The servants worked, and the deadmind mirror displayed an image of him fighting the child in the throne room.

Too many questions. He hated questions. They would surrender their secrets to him; he had come too far to let this plan spiral away from him now. In a way, all that had happened was good, as he now had the proof he needed.

And so, he decided he had not been defeated. This was what the plan had required, even if he hadnt known it at the time. Those moves. So familiar. Who trained him. And then it all locked into place. Hed been played. Worker of Secrets, he thought. My, but you are a subtle one. Gather the Seringal, he said, sending his Devoted to fetch the most skilled of his knights. And set up surveillance on that child. The Devoted burst into motion.

The God King sat back, contemplating. He waited for six hours, practically motionless, a few thoughts playing across his mind. He could faintly recall when six hours would have felt like a great deal of time to sit and think, but now it passed as quickly to him as a single breath. The God King laced his fingers, inspecting the childs path.

This Siris was returning to the palace, was he? The God King leaned forward and watched with interest. SiriS Stepped up onto the edge of a rocky precipice overlooking the God Kings castle.

It squatted in the cliffs, like a nugget of dark iron trapped in the surrounding rocks. Hed decided that he needed to start here, primarily because he wanted to lay down a new trail for anyone looking for him. He didnt want them tracking him to Drems Maw; he needed, instead, to lead them another direction. He started the hike down to the castle.

The other Deathless, he thought. Maybe I could. He looked down at the sword he wore in an improvised sheath at his side. They wanted the God Kings weapon; perhaps he should just give it to them. No, he thought. Theyll still execute me for killing their king. A mortal did not slay a god.

He continued down the pathway toward the God Kings palace. It stood to reason that theyd begin looking for him here; if there were daerils still in this place, he could make a big show for them of going somewhere other than Drems Maw. That might work, might give his mother some protection.

The rocky path was slippery with pebbles and shale. He remembered walking this long route just over a week before, each footstep electric. Hed been marching to his death. That doom was one hed come to grips with, however, and he had even been excited by the challenge ahead of him.

This time, he walked with a slower step. He felt. At the base of the cliff, he put on his armor. He continued forward, reaching a tree hung with ropes just outside the palace walls. He stopped and inspected the tree.

Tie a heavy bit of metal to one end, then swing it about and attack. Hed practiced that. The children of Drems Maw had done something different with ropes. Theyd created swings on the trees outside of the maw.

Siris had once stood on one of those, then had several boys push, so he could practice keeping his balance on unsteady footing. Hed never just sat down and swung. What is wrong with me, he thought, continuing forward with clanking steps. Why didnt I ever try it, even once? He reached the side gate to the castle, and a daeril stepped out. Long of limb, with red-orange skin and a skeletal cast to the arms and legs, the daeril had a horrifically twisted face.

Siris raised his sword with a sigh. Hed have to fight his way in again, it appeared. Great master! It jumped forward, and Siris stumbled back, wary. The creature didnt attack, but threw itself at Siriss feet.

Great master, you have returned! State your purpose, daeril!

We live to serve you, master. I am Strix, and I obey. The castle is yours, now! The kingdom as well. The kingdom. He almost laughed. Hed never be able to stand against the forces of the other gods, even if this creature were telling the truth.

Which he found suspect. What am I supposed to do with a kingdom? Siris said, walking around the daerilkeeping an eye on itand crossing the bridge to enter the palaces outer court.

The court seemed strikingly familiar to him, though hed only passed this way that one time. Great master Strix began. Dont call me that, Siris said. Greatest lord of all that is powerful and Thats really not any better. The daeril fell silent. My lord. Let us serve you.

Remain here and rule us. Do not leave us again. How many of you are there in this place, still? Perhaps two dozen, master. And you will all serve me? Yes, great master. Yes indeed! You have slain our ruler, and in so doing have become our leader.

Download Infinity Blade Awakening. Brandon Sanderson PDF

Who led you before I returned? Kuuth, master, Strix said. He is ancient and wise, a troll nearly forty years old. Send for him, Siris said. And gather the other daerils. Every one of them in the castle. Bring them to the throne room. He didnt trust these creatures, not for a moment. But perhaps he could use them. Finish what you began. Siris sat on the God Kings throne.

What had his mother meant by that? Surely she hadnt meant to imply that he should take the God Kings place. That would be suicide. The God Kings throne wasnt very comfortablethough Siris was wearing armor, which never made sitting particularly comfortable. Hed removed his helm and set his shield to the side, though he kept the Infinity Blade close. Seeing his face unnerved the daerils.

That seemed a good enough reason to him to keep the helmet off, for now. He inspected the Infinity Blade as he waited. The blade had some kind of magic that had let the God King summon it, making it appear as if out of nothing in a flash of light. So far, despite a week of tinkering, Siris hadnt been able to figure out how that magic worked. Something chirped beside him. Siris jumped, glancing down.

Only then did he remember the little mirror built into the armrest of the throne. He poked at it. The thing had done. It was magical. Poking at the thing made it speak, which chilled him.

What is your command? Id like to know how the God Kings sword works. Answer pending. Please enter the pass phrase. Pass phrase? I dont know it. Would you like to retrieve it? Very well. Please answer this security question: In what kingdom did you first meet the Worker? So it was a riddle. His mother had told him stories of magic mirrors that asked riddles. In the kingdom of night and dawn, at the break of the day, he said.

It was the answer to one of the riddles from the stories. Answer incorrect, the mirror said politely. Security question two: What was the name of your first and most trusted Aegis? It was a word for a master duelist, after the classical ideal. The daerils that guarded the castle had all followed the old precepts. Horrific and terrible though they had been, they had each shown that much honor.

Old Jake Mardin, Siris said, saying the name of the first man who had trained him in the sword, a retired soldier. Answer incorrect, the mirror said. Your riddles make no sense, mirror, Siris said. Am I supposed to answer as myself, or as the God King? Im sorry, the mirror said. I dont understand that query. Security question three: How many days passed before your first reincarnation? Answer incorrect. Damn it, mirror! Please, just tell me how I make the sword come at my will. He was silent for a moment.

Even better, he whispered, how can I find freedom? Can you answer that for me, mirror? Can you tell me how I can be free of all this and live my life? A rope swing from a tree, he thought. Hed write that in his book tonight, beginning a list of things he would try, once he didnt have to worry about being hunted. I am not authorized to speak further.

The waiting period is one day before the next access attempt. The mirror grew black. Hell take me, Siris said, leaning back in the horrid throne. Honestly, couldnt someone who called himself the God King get a decent cushion? The deadminds will not speak to you, slayer of gods, said a deep, tired-sounding voice.

Siris sat up, turning toward the back of the room. Something moved in the shadows, where a doorway led to the servants quarters.

The shadow lumbered forward, entering the light and revealing itself as a massive troll. It leaned on a staff as thick as Siriss leg, and wore bandages covering its eyes. White hair fell around the things animal face, a face furrowed with wrinkles that were sharp and distinctlike the scars left by an axe chopping at a tree.

Kuuth, I assume? Siris said, standing up. Yes, great master, the beast said, lumbering forward. The other daerils parted for him, and a younger troll helped the elder, looking concerned. This younger beast moved like an animal, with quick steps, testing the air with its snout, walking in a crouch. The aged one, however, had an unexpectedly civilized air.

Whats a deadmind? Siris asked Kuuth. Even stooped with age, the beast towered a good ten feet tall. Kuuth wore a strange robe that had the right shoulder cut out, exposing a wicked scar on his shoulder and neck. It is a soul without life, great master, the troll said. The God King instilled these souls into objects.

They are knowledgeable about some things, but cannot make choices for themselves. They are like children, and must be instructed. Brilliant children, Siris said. He shivered. Had the God King used the souls of children themselves to create these things?

The legends said that he feasted upon the souls of those who fell to him. Siris scooted a little farther away from the mirror. I summoned you because I hoped youd be able to answer questions for me. Unlikely, great master, the ancient troll said, then coughed into his hand.

I know more than most here, but a cup with two drops instead of one still will not quench a thirst. Ill start easy then, Siris said, walking down the steps to the throne.

The God King spoke of greater evils. And then, after that, I met a man in the dungeon who claimed to be my ancestor. He said that someoneor somethingwould come hunting me. Am I to assume that they referred to other members of the Pantheon?

Perhaps, Kuuth said. Ashimar, the Sorrowmaker. Lilendre, Mistress of the End. Terrovax, Blights Son. Others whose names I do not know. Each will be angered by what you have done. As I feared, Siris said, speaking loudly, so the other daerils could hear.

I will need allies, troll. Do you know where I should search for them? Master, Kuuth said, sounding confused.

These are not questions I can answer for you. Surely the Deathless have enemies, Siris said. I suppose. That was a myth even Siris had heard of. He doubted the Worker was real, but hunting him was a perfect way to start laying down a false trail.

Where can I find this Worker? He is imprisoned, Kuuth said. But, master, I do not know where. It is said that nobody knows. Surely there are rumors. Im sorry, master, Kuuth said. I know of none. Fine, then. I wish to attack one of the other Deathless. One who is very powerful, and also very cruel. Whom would you suggest? This is an odd request. It is the one I make nonetheless. Kuuth frowned. A Deathless who is close but powerful.

Perhaps the Killer of Dreams? You travel to the north, across the ocean, to find him. He is not part of the Pantheon, and has of late been very antagonistic to our former master.

There were Deathless who werent in the Pantheon? Well, perhaps thats what I killed, in the dungeon, he thought. But then, there had also been Siriss ancestor. He wasnt certain what he believed of what that man had said. When Siris had taken off the mans helm, he had found a youthful face beneath it.

Perhaps serving the Deathless granted men immortality? Was that why one who had come to kill the God King would instead choose to serve him? Siris knew so little. Do you know how the God King made the magic of his sword and shield work, Kuuth? He asked it in a softer voice, no longer for the show of the watching daerils. I may be able to guess, great master, Kuuth said. I believe it had something to do with his ring. Siris fished in his pocket, taking out a silvery ring.

Hed pried it from the finger of the God King. Its a healing ring. I have others, taken from the bodies of Aegis I slew. He slipped it on; he could feel its healing magic tingling on his finger. That one is more useful than the others you found, Kuuth said. It somehow let him summon his sword to him.

Siris asked. I do not know. Before I lost my eyes, I saw the God King use it to sling fire as well. Siris frowned, then extended his hand to the side and attempted to summon fire. It didnt work. Once hed defeated the God King, all of his rings save the healing rings had stopped functioning. It cant do that anymore. All right, then. What were those creatures in the dungeon? They seemed. I never saw them, master. Why did the sword flash when I slew them, and why did the God King have them imprisoned?

Download Infinity Blade Awakening. Brandon Sanderson PDF

He still worried that hed killed what could have become his allies. Yet, each one had fallen into the Aegis stance and then attacked him. I do not know that either, Kuuth said. Do you know anything, fool creature? Siris froze. Where had that outburst come from? It had been many years since hed lost his temper; his mother had trained him to deal with that as a child.

He immediately took a grip on his frustration and shoved it down. The ancient troll stood quietly, then sniffed the air a few times. Hes blind, Siris reminded himself, looking at the bandaged eyes.

Do you mind if I sit, great master? Kuuth asked. I dont. The great beast tested with his large staff until reaching the steps to the throne, then settled down quietly. Thank you, great master. It is growing difficult to stand in my age. What happened to your eyes, Kuuth? Siris asked, sitting on the lip of the throne dais, hands clasped before him. I put them out. Why would you do that? Among the kavrethat is what we call ourselves, great master, though many just call us trolls.

Among the kavre, the most powerful lead. I was wounded many years ago, when. I fought him, and I lost. My wound was great, and I should have been slain by my kin in mercy. That would stop a younger troll from killing me and taking my honor, you see. However, the blind and the mute are not to be killedthey are left alone in the wilderness to die, as they are marked by the gods.

So you. Blinded myself, Kuuth said. So that my kin would exile me rather than killing me. It also made the younger trolls see me as lame and blemished, to be left to rot, rather than to be slain as a rival.

Thats horrible, Siris said. Kuuth chuckled. And our way. At times, I wonder at what I did.

A troll is not meant to reach ages such as I have. Still, now that I am of this great age, the others have begun to respect me. In another two years, the troll said, shaking a long-snouted head. But, great master, my concerns are not yours. I wished to speak more softly with you. Most of the denizens of this castle do not think about the future, and I do not wish to make them question.

Over the years, Kuuth said, his voice quiet, I have seen many things. I have thought many things. Perhaps these thoughts will be of use to you. You see, this castle has no servants.

No maids, no groundskeepers, none of the things that are kept by the lesser lords beneath the God King. Ive noticed that, Siris said.

I would have assumed that the God King would want comforts for the place where he lived. You see, Kuuth said, he did not live here.

He only came to the castle on occasion, usually when there was news of a warrior of note fighting his way through the wilds. Siris fell silent. So this place was a trap. I do not know that Id say that, great master.

But a destination. Like a metal pole set up high to draw the lightning when it comes, this castle was placed here to draw the warriors who sought to kill the God King. He dueled them, Siris said.

He could have just used his magic to kill them, or overwhelmed them with his forces. Instead, he faced them in person. What do you know of the Deathless?

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Not much, Siris said. Seven lords, ruling together, with the God King above them all. Yes, though that is mostly just the illusion they give to others in the land nearby.

The God King was but one of many who name themselves Deathless. They are immortaltruly immortal. They need neither food nor water to live. They do not age, and their bodies heal if wounded. Chop them to pieces, and their soul will seek out a new receptacle to be reborn. Often they are reborn into what the God King called a bud, a replica of themselves, prepared ahead of time.

Yes, Kuuth said. But even without a bud, the soul of a true Deathless will find a new home. The God Kings sword. You mentioned its magic before. You have the weapon? Siris reached to the side, fingers resting on the blade. The Infinity Blade, Kuuth whispered. Crafted by the Worker of Secrets himself.

But hes just a myth, isnt he? What better creator of a sword that should not be, a sword to kill the unkillable? Great master, that weapon is designed to slay the Deathless.

It is a terrible and wondrous thing. The Deathless have lived for thousands of years, and have come to see themselves as eternal. But if one of them were to gain access to a weapon which could finally threaten them. Hed be a God, Siris whispered. God among gods, Kuuth said. King among kings. First of immortals.

Siris ran his fingers along the blade. They will chase me. Theyll hunt me, for this. He gripped the sword by the hilt.

I should throw it away. And they would still hunt you, Kuuth said. Because you know the secret. Because youve done the unthinkable. Youre dead too, Siris whispered, realizing the truth. Everyone in this castle. Each Aegis or daeril who knows that a mortal slew one of the Deathless. You see why I needed to whisper this to you, Kuuth said. No need to inspire a panic. Many of the Aegis in this castle are golems with deadminds controlling them, but many are not.

All will likely be destroyed. Just in case. You dont seem afraid. Ive lived many years beyond my lifespan, Kuuth said. I believe my death will be a nice rest. The others. They will consider it an honor. Hell take me, Siris said, looking at the creatures bandaged eyes, then at the gathered daerils at the back of the room. Youre all insane. We are what we were created to be, great master, Kuuth said.

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Don't wait! Try Yumpu.This was not how a proper duel was supposed to go. I will need allies, troll. So familiar. What more could they ask of me? She was fast with those reloads.

Siris had gone in with the dream that maybeif he were incredibly luckyhed get a single cut on the God King, make the tyrant bleed. The others.

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