Hindi Book Mahasamar Bandhan Part 1by Shri Narendar Kohli. Hindi Book-Mahasamar Adhikar Vol II by Shri Narendar Kohli. “रजत संस्करण “ का यह नवं और विशेष खंड है | इसे 'अनुषंगीक' कहा गया, क्योंकि इसमें 'महासमर' की कथा नहीं, उस कथा को समझने के .

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Gujrati Hindi English. Login | Register . Mahasamar Part 1 to 8 (Complete Set) Bandhan: Mahasamar Part 1 महासमर -बंधन 'महाभारत' एक विराट कृति. Click here to read or download the novel in hindi language, in pdf format. Click here . Mahasamar is not one book, rather it's a set of 9 novels. Anushangik Mahasamar-9 (आनुषंगिक महासमर-9) in Hindi by Narendra Kohli - Download ebook on Dailyhunt.

Duryodhana asks Karn to kill him. Karn informs that the saved the best arrows for later use. Duryodhana asks him to use the best arrows on Ghatotkatch. Thus Ghatotkatch is killed. War continues. Drona is able to kill King Drupad and king of Matsya Virat. Krishna decides to play a different game knowing the weakness of Drona for his son Aswahthama.

Hindi Book Mahasamar Adhikar Vol II By Shri Narendar Kohli

Bhim kill an elephant named Asthwaththama. All Pandavas blow their konchshells shouting that Ashwaththama is dead. Drona asks Yudhistar to inform about the incident. Yudhistar says Elephant and not man. But after the word elephant, there was so much noise that Drona could not hear and believing that Ashwaththama his son was killed, sat down on the battlefield with eyes closed and unarmed.

Drishtadumna the commander in chief beheaded Drona.

Ashwaththama comes to know to this incident and uses the Narayan Astra on the Pandav army. Krishna informs all to lie down in respect of Narayan Astra thus the damage in nullified. Sixteenth day- Karn is declared commander in chief and King Shall is declared his chariot rider.

Shall does not like this.

Bhim is able to locate Dusshasan, break his chariot and kill him in mace fight. Seventeenth day- Karn fights with all Pandavasexcept Arjun and defeats them Yudhistar is hurt and he goes to the camp for recupment. Arjun follows him. Yudhistar misunderstands that Arjun is afraid of Karn.

He scolds him brother and Krishna explains to both that Arjun has come to see the welfare of Yudhistar.

Both Arjun and Krishna leave for the battle field. Karn faces Arjun and during this duel the wheels of the chariot get stuck in mud. The chariot is unable to move. Karn gets down from the chariot to move the wheels. Just then Krishna instructs Arjun to see how Karn helped kill his son Abhimanyu the other day. Arjun kills Karn by the next arrow.

Eighteenth day- Shall is declared commander in chief. He is killed by Yudhistar. Shakuni is killed Sahdev. Only Ashwaththama, Kripacharya and Duryodhana survive.

Duryodhana hids in a pond. Krishna takes the Pandavas to the pond. Bhim challenges him.

Duryodhana comes out and mace fight begins. Bhim hits Duryodhan below his waist and he his down on the ground half dead. Pandavas leave him.

Nirbandh Mahasamar–8 ( निर्बन्ध महासमर–8 )

Ashwaththama, Kripacharya and Kritverma meet Duryodhna and ask that Aswaththma be declared commander in chief. Soon Ashwaththama and the group attack the Pandava camp.

Here Dristadumnya, Shikhandi, Utamauja and five sons of Draupadi are asleep. They are killed.

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Ashwaththama come with the head of the five dead to show to Duryodhana that the Pandavas are killed. Dharma Mahasamar-4 1 Hindi Edition. Mahasamar - 3 1 Hindi Edition. Product details Format: Kindle Edition File Size: Vani Prakashan; 1 edition 7 August Sold by: Hindi ASIN: Not Enabled Screen Reader: Supported Enhanced Typesetting: Enabled Average Customer Review: Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Mahasamar - 2 1 Hindi Edition.

Sharanam Hindi Edition.


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Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. There was a problem filtering reviews right now. Please try again later. Kindle Edition Verified download. Just a critic and analytic work by kohli. Hardcover Verified download. Great book and the greatest author.Urdu was the medium of instruction for all subjects except English, which was limited to reading and writing.

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Click here to download Mahasamar Part 3: Arjun threw his arrows fast on the Kuru army which dispersed and the day was over. Almost every page of the book is full of witty lines and funny incidents. He was a warrior and it time to defeat him.

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