Formats: PDF, EPUB, Kindle, Online; no DRM. ModSecurity Handbook. NEW! The second edition of the definitive guide to ModSecurity. ModSecurity Handbook. Ivan Ristić. Page 3. ModSecurity Handbook ModSecurity is a registered trademark of Trustwave Holdings, Inc. All. MODSECURITY. HANDBOOK. The Complete Guide to the Popular. Open Source Web Application Firewall. Ivan Ristić. Free edition: Getting Started.

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ModSecurity Handbook: The Complete Guide to the Popular Open Source Web Application Firewall [Ivan Ristic] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying . What I like about Ivan Ristić's ModSecurity Book is the wide approach it takes. You can now download a PDF version of my text. That text will be. ModSecurity Handbook: Getting Started Guide is A free short book (about pages) ModSecurity - An Intrusion Prevention Module for Apache (PDF, Ryan C.

Writing the 2nd Edition of the ModSecurity Handbook

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Disable File Uploads Sometimes you won t know what the allowed content types are for an application, and you may not be able to deploy a positive-security based rule. However, you may be able to find out if the application uses file uploads. You may be able to use it in an internal environment.

Note The previous rule uses an unoptimized regular expression to allow for easy modification. If you want to optimize it for production, use the optimization as explained in the section Optimized Regular Expression Pattern in Chapter Some applications that construct URL in JavaScript may omit to encode data and cause false positives, but that happens only rarely.

Because ModSecurity will automatically decode URL-encoded content where appropriate, you are limited to how you are able to detect invalid URL encodings. The use of operator is only appropriate with raw input data.

ModSecurity will decode valid URL encodings but leave the invalid ones intact. The version of ModSecurity in the trunk will raise a flag if it encounters invalid URL encodings anywhere, covering both the query string and the request body parameters. They have no known legitimate use in web applications.

Code execution, by forcing applications to execute code from a file on the local filesystem. When remote file inclusion attacks fail, attackers often turn to local file inclusion LFI. LFI attacks are more difficult to use for code execution because the attacker must first find a way to place the code on the local filesystem and in a known location.

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The placement is usually done via file upload, or by injecting code into log files. Local file inclusion is less obvious and thus more difficult to detect. The following detection strategies can be used: Detect directory back-references e.

The attacks using PHP stream wrappers are as dangerous, but not as well known.

PHP Code Injection PHP code cannot be injected directly, but it may be possible to have the code recorded on disk only to be executed later using a local inclusion attack.

Server side includes SSI is a technology that allows dynamic content to be added to otherwise static pages. SSI injection attacks are targeted at applications that might use some of the information provided to generate pages that will be served through a web server.

Information Leakage Information leakage occurs when a system is configured to reveal too much information about itself, by design or by mistake. Such leakage may or may not be obviously sensitive, but even the smallest piece of information can sometimes help the attacker advance in his attacks.Another part that has been redone was the performance chapter.

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As a result of that special treatment, ModSecurity is not able to inspect the contents of the Server header in embedded mode. Operators So I spent my Summer mornings closing the gap to the latest ModSecurity release.

There is a large number of blog posts written about individual features over the years. He has asked me to write the 2nd edition of the ModSecurity Handbook.

I thought about this problem for a long time.

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