A free to use tool for downloading any book or publication on ISSUU. So I did not find a way directly download PDF, but there is a way around it. So basically each publication has a twiter meta tag. Millions of readers find and share the magazines, catalogs and publications they love on issuu.

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These are mostly usability concerns, the kinds of things that ultimately cost you readers. The usability issues that seem to matter most all stem from the fact that reading Issuu content requires switching to a full-screen interface. This makes for a worse user experience UX in several ways.

The browser, in other words, is the interface we have all already learned, and the one that websites should take as much advantage of as possible.

Click for a larger version. All of this must be learned by new users, and re-learned again and again by occasional users.

Of course, there are plenty of reasons to create a new interface and force users to learn it. Or really, there is one: because you are providing a new function—and there are plenty of new functions you can provide.

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Tweeting, for example, or playing and pausing a video. Reading is not a new function. Reading is the foundational function of the Internet.

Audiences thus can enjoy greatly on their mobile devices, tablets and desktop. Multi Language Interface There is no doubt that native language is easy to understand and make beautiful publications. Flip PDF Professional have developed 11 languages for you.

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Germany, Spanish, French and more language versions aim to meet the global needs. Just easily customize the software language, then the native language interface provided to make personalized publications.

It brings great conveniences for creating beautiful magazine and ebook. Audio with Synchronized Text Making expressive magazine or ebook with recording audios and synchronized text is gorgeous.

It will easily catch wider attention for bringing great visual and listening enjoyment. Therefore, adding recorded audios or applying existing audio files for your magazine or ebook is essential.

Furthermore, these audios with text integrated make flip magazine or ebook engaging. This innovative assistant feature will be greatly useful.

Multimedia Content Customize content with multimedia elements easily. Mobile Friendly Create mobile friendly publications work fluently on all mobiles.Celebrating the thriving culture, art, fashion, beauty, food, film and theatre scenes in London.

The Perpetual You Believing women can have joy, ease, fun, and wealth just by being who they already are. You cannot establish an infrastructure for content marketing through email marketing or organic search.

The research magazine of the University of Malta. The adventure magazine for women.

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Forcing users who have just clicked a link from Twitter, say, or from your home page expecting to read a piece of writing to click again before they can do so is bad form and likely to cost you readers.

An independent magazine that celebrates creative culture and artivism around the world. A second, related problem is that Flash is clunky in the Mac OS.

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