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While going through the literature you should carefully and critically examine it with respect to the following aspects: A brief review of the relevant literature helps enormously in rexearch this knowledge base. If you are using secondary data information already collected for other purposesyou will need to identify what information is needed and then develop a form to extract the required data.


Despite the importance of this step, there is very little available by way of specific guidance in other books. Research is one of the ways of collecting accurate, sound and reliable information about the effectiveness of your interventions, thereby providing you with evidence of its effectiveness. There is increasing recognition by most disciplines in the social sciences that both types of research are important for a good research study.

Use these aspects as a basis for developing your theoretical framework.

These chapters are titled: In most cases, to operationalise a concept you first need to go through the process of identifying indicators — a set of criteria reflective of the concept — which can then be methodologgy into variables. Quantitative research Qualitative research 1 Inderpinning philosophy Rationalism: Out of this literature review you need to develop the theoretical framework for your study.

Because these explain feelings or preferences, the basis on which they are made may vary markedly from kumat to person. What is the impact of an advertising campaign on bg sale of a product?

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The structure of this book, which is based on the model developed during my teaching career, is designed to be practical. There are four steps involved in conducting a literature review: It is in this testing process that you need research skills, the developments of which fall in the category of pure research. Intervening variable — sometimes called the confounding variable Grinnell The seven-step model helps you to narrow your broad area of interest to enable you to decide what specifically you want to study.

Similarly, in Figure 3. The description of an observed situation, the historical enumeration of events, an account of the different opinions people have about an issue, and a description of the living conditions of a community are examples of qualitative research. Once you have developed an exhaustive list of the subareas from various sources, you proceed to the next stage where you select what will become the basis of your enquiry.

It will save time if you photocopy their bibliographies. In the above example the extent of smoking is the independent variable, cancer is the dependent variable and all the variables that might affect this relationship, either positively or negatively, are extraneous variables.

In many studies you need to combine both qualitative and quantitative approaches. Narrow the topic down to something manageable, specific and clear. It is important to place your findings in the context of what is already known in your field of enquiry. A research problem identifies your destination: Even if you are undertaking a descriptive study, you need to consider its magnitude carefully.

Just as there are posts along the way as you travel to your destination, so there are practical steps through which you must pass in your research journey in order to find the answers to your research questions Figure 2. It was just starting to thunderstorm at the time and our dogs were going nuts, so we had to calm them down long enough for the storm to pass, which thankfully it did… but we left the light on anyways in the bedroom for them until they calmed down completely.

Thankfully, last night I broke that dry spell and had a really great Lucid Dream! And that will happen to us once we die.

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Thing is, we get so used to having only ourselves in mind. Your mind is awake and alert, but your focal point of consciousness is contained in what feels like a black 2-dimensional compartment somewhere about the centre of your head.

Focus 4 of consciousness holds what you might call our individual Primary Essence. Post navigation You have just phased. You can decide to merge with the underlying subjective energy that forms the concept of anything you care to think of and experience being that thing, or more correctly, the concept of that thing. So everything that is about to happen, has happened and is happening, is all happening at once within the same moment within infinity everything happens an infinite number of times.

Anyway, give the link a click and read up. From Focus 21, you can frahk much go fran, do whatever you want simply by visualizing the area you want to go to.

Perhaps there was just a brief flash of something, then maybe a sensation of a movement somewhere else. Which all kkepple mighty confusing and generally scuppers the experience.

We need to update the site to: Colour is a Truth, meaning there is a representation of colour within all dimensions. If you are using this rundown as a phasing method, continue visualization until you become immersed in the scene and have lost awareness of your body.Leopard Moon Book 1 of the Moon series.


An image, perception or concept that is capable of measurement — hence capable of taking on different values — is called a variable. By continuing to browse the site you are agreeing to our use of cookies. While they are all funny, Jen is the leader at providing much needed comic relief in any situation. On the way to the ceremony, everything implodes and Fane is left screaming for blood rites quinn loftis free unconscious mate.

Quantitative research Qualitative research 1 Inderpinning philosophy Rationalism: Out of this literature review you need to develop the theoretical framework for your study.

Focus 4 of consciousness holds what you might call our individual Primary Essence. PCB light flashes double horse then slow and stays slow with hoorse bind. And that will happen to us once we die.

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