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Editorial Reviews. About the Author. R.A. Salvatore is the New York Times best- selling author of more than forty novels, including the popular Forgotten Realms. archmage legend of drizzt homecoming r a salvatore - archmage legend of drizzt or epub archmage has everything drizzt s fans crave, archmage r a salvatore. Forgotten Realms - [Homecoming 02] - Maestro - R A Salvatore (epub) of the Iron Dwarf (30) Homecoming Archmage (31) Maestro (32) Hero (33) MAESTRO.

The End Straightaway Chapter 6: Amber Eyes Part 2: Ghosts Chapter 7: Some Things We Knew Chapter 8: A House Devout Chapter 9: The Cycle of Life Chapter Confusion Chapter Eclectic Allies Chapter The Great Pillar Cavern Part 3: Ghosts Chapter Stone Heads and Agile Fingers Chapter The Power of Insanity Chapter Upon the Unwilling Chapter The Blasphemy Chapter Fevered Dreams Chapter Lolth's Champion Chapter Baubles Chapter Secular Hubris Chapter Hundreds of demons, thousands of demons, had swarmed into a circular cavern in the Masterways, the complex of large passageways that were the main entrance of Menzoberranzan.

They were just outside the city. Dark elf wizards and priestesses lined the cavern walls. The bombardment of magic raining down upon the Abyssal forces was beyond anything Braelin had ever imagined, let alone witnessed.

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A hundred lightning bolts slashed an equal torrent of fireballs. Magical storms pelted the intruding demons-zombie-like manes and simian balgura-pounding them down, tripping them on the icy floor where they were finished off in a haze of steam as fireballs exploded atop them.

The drow trap had sprung to devastating effect, but the demons kept coming. Jarlaxle and Beniago had warned him of Tiago's volatile temperament and haughty attitude. Jarlaxle knew the inner workings of the Baenre nobles better than anyone outside the immediate family, and Beniago was Tiago's cousin.

Still, Braelin had spent the last decades serving in Bregan D'aerthe.

He had lived more than half his ninety-five years with Jarlaxle's band, and most of those years had been outside the city. Now, back in the fold of Menzoberranzan, Tiago's arrogance, the venom dripping from his every word-and those of many of the other drow, particularly those nobles in House Do'Urden, where Braelin now served-appalled him.

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Nothing had changed other than Braelin's escape from, and perception of, the stilted reality that was Menzoberranzan. He had been so accustomed to it in his earlier days, so numb to it, but now every word jarred him, and it took all of his self-control to hide his true disgust at the nefarious ways of his own people. The cavern walls continued shaking from the magical barrage being poured upon the attacking demon hordes in the larger chamber to the west.

One brilliant flash set Tiago and Braelin back on their heels. Ravel, the former Xorlarrin House wizard now of House Do'Urden, was making quite a name for himself with that ritual addition to the common lightning bolt. Having witnessed it first-hand on several occasions, the two drow standing at the front of the corridor defense could only imagine the scores of demons now melting under its devastating effects. No sooner had Tiago finished the remark than there came a cacophony of stunning proportions, ground-shaking and with explosions echoing along the corridor walls likely all the way back to Menzoberranzan.

Even out here, some hundred strides from the battle, Braelin could feel the heat of the magical conflagration. He loosened his grip on his swords just a bit, having a hard time imagining that any demons would come out this end of that slaughterhouse.

Like the wizardry displays in times of celebration, spellcasters always liked to end with a grand display. Braelin nodded. Ravel had told them all that the lightning web would strike as the cavern slaughter was winding down, and the ensuing crescendo only confirmed that. Almost certainly, then, the demonic reinforcements had slowed to a trickle, and so the wizards and priestesses had pulled out their last great display.

His call carried back to all tendrils of the regiment with the weight of an undeniable command. As the weapons master assigned to this day's primary war party, Tiago stood in full command of the warrior forces around him, including nearly a hundred foot soldiers and ten times that number of orc, goblin, bugbear, and kobold slaves.

Braelin listened carefully as Tiago barked orders, setting groups in place, organizing teams to go forward and cover the retreat of any wizards or priestesses who could not magically escape the cavern.

Certainly there were dimensional doors set up to get many back into the city, but those were to be used only by the extra spellcasters who had come out for the ambush. Many of the others, including those of House Do'Urden, had been assigned to the war party, and so would soon be returning to find their place among Tiago's command.

What struck Braelin most about Tiago's stream of orders was the tone of the weapons master's voice, one that showed him to be less than pleased by these events. Braelin had noted that combination of imperiousness and frustration from the beginning. His associate, Valas Hune, perhaps the greatest of Bregan D'aerthe's scouts, had come to them hours earlier with word of the vast demonic force approaching.

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Such information had elevated today's events above Tiago, had demanded magical communication with the city's rulers. Sorcere had emptied herself of wizards, Arach-Tinilith had sent forth all her priestesses-in-training, and many of the major Houses, including Baenre and Barrison Del'Armgo, had sent forth a cadre of their greatest spellcasters. And that left Tiago sitting back in the peaceful corridor, clutching his unbloodied sword as a great victory was won in the ambush cavern in front of him.

Braelin found himself truly amazed at how desperately this weapons master craved battle.

And with demons, no less! His anger was unrelenting, and Braelin knew it all stemmed from Tiago's failure to secure the head of Drizzt Do'Urden. Movement in the corridor ahead signaled the return of the spellcasters.

The priestesses came first, showing little urgency, which confirmed that the slaughter in the cavern had been near-complete-and which only deepened the scowl on Tiago's face. They, including Saribel Do'Urden, Tiago's wife, moved past Tiago and Braelin and the other melee commanders to take up their positions in the third rank-near enough to offer healing to any who might be wounded.

Then came the wizards, moving more swiftly, and with those in the rear of the procession glancing back somewhat nervously. Both stopped when they got to Tiago, Jaemas waving the others into position among the second rank of warriors.

The entire cavern is deep in the piled, empty husks of demons sent home. He had battled demons before, of course, as was true of every drow who had grown up in Menzoberranzan, but he counted balgura among his least favorite foes. They looked like some joke of the gods, resembling great apes with orange hair and massive limbs.

Every balgura Braelin had ever seen stood as tall as the tip of his finger if he held his arm straight up over his head, and four times his weight. Yet, despite that imposing size and the sheer strength that accompanied it, balgura were surprisingly agile and quick, and while one alone could prove to be a dangerous adversary, these howling and scrambling beasts were pack hunters, fighting in frenzied coordination.

Frenzied-Braelin thought that a fitting word for this particular type of demon. The drow was brought from his thoughts by screeching sounds echoing down the tunnel walls.

Tiago turned to watch him go, letting his glare follow the wizard.

The Devil You Know (Forgotten Realms) (English Edition) por Erin Evans

Would it serve us both better for me to assign you to stand second to some other warrior? A big part of him wanted to take Tiago up on that offer, though he knew it wasn't a sincere question and indeed, more of a threat.

Still, to be away from Tiago would bring relief on so many levels ,,, But the Bregan D'aerthe warrior could not ignore the truth.

There was no finer warrior to be found at House Do'Urden-none even close-and indeed, few in all of Menzoberranzan could match Tiago's prowess in battle. Looks like Salvatore went for a bit of a slower start than his usual reads, but I still don't mind it The next book is even better as I blasted through half the book without realizing what I have done Archmage has it's adventures and tells of the struggles as nothing is easy in life and this book shows that the goodly people do not always come out unscathed It brings intricate webs together as we watch the struggles and run into surprises along the way Some parts are a bit more vague and I did have to re-read what just happened, but mostly smooth reading It is a little less about characters, but more upon plot and setting up for the next step I could see that his writing is still following the same concept he lectures upon when I had the chance to meet him.

Hope you are able to enjoy it, I found it fine.

I love this series. It's a bit character-centric the main character Drizz't is a bit of a 'mary sue' type but otherwise it's full of interesting characters, plots, action, and adventure. One person found this helpful. I read some RA Salvatore decades ago as a teen-ager and was not impressed. I thought he was a competent but uninspiring writer, certainly not in the same league as the "heavies" like Tolkien, Moorcock, Tad Williams and George RR Martin.

This book I picked up because of so many glowing reviews, and because it featured the Drow so prominently a society I find fascinating.

Well I was not dissapointed. The book reads like runaway freight train -- fast paced and not a dull moment. The Drow really are the star attraction. I mean this is a race of creatures that hate themselves almost as much as they hate other races. So how does such a society function?

Through fear, intimidation, constant scheming and unholy alliances, that's how. It's engrossing stuff. Can't wait to read the next in the series. If you are a fantasy lover, I cannot recommend this book enough.

Have always been a fan of this author and was surprised. Perhaps I just tired of little focus on Drizzt and instead the focus on Chaos in the Drow world but I can sum it up in I just did not care. The author seriously wasted my time and money. I just cancelled the other 2 books in this set and a pre-order. Very disappointing. The book goes off on some really weird tangents in regards to marriage and being faithful, the author would be a lot better off sticking to the genre.

I had to skip that whole section as it felt like I was reading something from a demented idiot. Marriage is simple, stick with your partner Aside from that, the book is good. Gromph is a character to be taken seriously. I have read every Drizzt book I can get my hands on and have enjoyed them all.

The original series are still by far my favorites but as Salvatore expands the characters around him, I am still hooked. I highly recommend these and that you start from the beginning so you can be as invested in these characters as I am. See all reviews. site Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers.

Learn more about site Giveaway. This item: Archmage Homecoming Book 1. Set up a giveaway. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Maestro Homecoming Book 2. Hero Homecoming Book 3. Rise of the King: Night of the Hunter: Companions Codex, I.

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English ASIN: Matron mothers!! I have seen enough of Neverwinter, Luskan, the dwarf kingdoms and near regions and they no longer hold anything interesting.

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