Bikram Dialog Final - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Bikram Dialog Final. Bikram's Beginning Yoga Class Dialogue. Bikram Dialog Final - Download as Open Office file .odt), PDF File .pdf), Download as ODT, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd This is an updated version of the original yoga dialogue that had been issued during the. The dialogue is the instruction you hear our certified Bikram yoga BIKRAM YOGA DIALOGUE DOWNLOAD PDF Paths the yoga dialog so.

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Looking for a list of all the Bikram Yoga Poses? You've just found it - all the 26 Asanas are available with videos and detailed step-by-step guides. You are a new teacher who wants to rise above 'the dialog' and bring There's something about a hot yoga or Bikram yoga class that is intensely satisfying. fied; Mark used Bikram's copyrighted dialogue to teach yoga classes at ble at; See also, First.

The slower you do is better. Stand still there. All the way up. Arms down side. Ten fingers grip tight. Start" inhale4 Arms and head movement synchroniCing.

And that-s enough. The more you e2hale. Suc it in. Dpen up your chest and rib cage. Don-t let your chest collapse.

Don-t let the nuc les go away from the chin. Ta e si2 seconds to bring your head down. The slower you go. Dnly the arms and head move. The more you suc your stomach in. Deltoids forward. Spine perfectly straight. Stomach in. Shoulders completely rela2ed. Touch the ceiling. Stretch up out of the waist one more time. Stretch up to the ceiling. Arms over your head sideways. Feet together at the line.

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Throughout the posture. Arms and head bac. Touch your stomach on the thighs. Fall bac. Arms bac. From the side you should loo li e a Fapanese ham sandwich. Try to loc your nees. Stretch your body down. Slowly push your nees bac as hard as possible. Bend your spine bac wards from coccy2 to the nec. Ta e a deep breath. Suc your stomach in. Don-t change your feet throughout the entire posture. Dpen your nees. Si2 inches gap between toes and heels.

Stretch your arms forward towards the mirror. Sit down. Arms up parallel to the floor. Start to finish throughout the posture. Tremendous concentration. On the top of the toes. Feet together. Stretch your spine. Bring your nees together. Sit down halfway. Bounce and bounce and bounce. All five toes should be visible in the front mirror. Fingertips should not go higher than your nose. Sit down more.

Sit down more and twist li e ropes. Don-t mi2 them up. Bring your hands in front of your face. Stay down there. Twist your legs li e ropes. Dther side. Arch your upper body bac. Bring your nees to the right. All five toes should be visible in the front mirror4.


Shift your weight to your left 7eg. Fingers and grab the right Foot in front of you. Left knee LO! S down toward the floor. Lock the 'nee4!

Thin very deeply about your Standing nee. Don-t let the leg come down.

Don-t bring it to the side. Do the bac bending one second. Don-t change your 3yes. I benefit. As long as you are trying the right way. Before you even start. Try to touch your shoulder to your chin. Shoulder blade. Body down more. Body down and ic up one more time. Bring your nees together to start.

Don-t turn your hand. Stretch forward more. Say 4'ama give me money. Stretch your left fingertips towards the mirror. Bring your body down from the lower spine.

Bring your hand out to the right. The harder you ic. Both feet should be in one line from the side. Left arm up in front of you. Feet together nicely at the line. Scapula coming out of the body.

Body bac a couple of inches. Stretch your arms up to the ceiling li e you-re trying to touch the ceiling. Body down.

Arms over your head sideways.! Try to touch your Forehead to the floor. ST ET! Feet slightly pigeon toed. Arms down parallel to the floor. First your 7egs stretching. Touch your forehead to the floor. As a beginner. Arms over the head sideways. Bounce a couple of times li e a motorcycle ride.. Turn it half inch more. At the same time. Both arms. Left arm stretch down. Turn your left foot out to the left. Body up more. This is a 3erfect marriage between the heart and lungs.

Touch the ToesB Iuick" right arm stretch up. Turn your head. Awkward Pose: Eagle Pose: Standing Head-to-Knee Pose: Dandayamana Janushirasana. Standing Bow-Pulling Pose: Dandayamana Dhanurasana. How to Do: It firms your buttocks and hips and encourages perseverance. Let your heels touch each other. Now, snug your arms under your abdomen. Your palms should be facing downward and fingers spread and pointing towards your knees.

Lift your right and left legs separately. Release your chin and place your mouth on the ground as if you are kissing it. Get your legs together, apply pressure on your hands, and lift both your legs as if they are one.


It increases the elasticity of your rib cage and tones your arms, thighs, abdominal muscles, and hips. It prevents lower backache and relieves rheumatism and menstrual problems. The pose corrects bad posture.

Stretch your arms out at the sides with the palms facing downwards. Keep your legs together. Lift your head, chest, and torso off the floor. Lift your arms along with them, stretching them outward, with the palms facing down as you do so.

Bikram Dialog Final

Lift your legs off the floor. It strengthens and revitalizes your spinal nerves. It improves the functioning of your large and small intestines, relieves constipation, and improves digestion.

It treats bronchitis and diabetes and helps the liver, kidneys, and spleen function better. Keep your legs hip-width apart. Bend your knees and stretch out your arms to hold your ankles. Lift your chest and legs off the floor and pull your legs back by applying pressure on your ankles with your hands. Look straight and hold the pose. To know more about the pose, click here: Dhanurasana It stretches and expands your rib cage. It loosens up your legs and regulates the adrenal glands.

It eliminates anger and increases courage. The pose relieves constipation and relaxes your mind. Bend backward, keeping your right forearm and elbow on the floor and then the left forearm and elbow. Bear the weight of your torso on the elbows and look ahead.

Reach for your toes with your fingers and grasp them. It enhances your memory and mental clarity. It is good for asthma and irritable bowel syndrome. It tones your thighs and abdomen and gives a relaxing stretch to your spine. It also increases the flexibility of your hips.

Bring your palms together and entwine both your thumbs together. Keep your arms straight and stretched, with your biceps touching the ears. Now, bend down at your waist, bringing your entire torso towards the ground. Get your forehead and little fingers to touch the ground. It improves the flexibility of your neck and cures backaches.

It stretches your throat and is good for the thyroid gland. It opens up your chest, improves your posture, relieves menstrual pain, and strengthens your back.

Your shoulders and knees should form a straight line, and the soles of your feet should be facing upwards towards the ceiling. Bend backward gently and reach for the soles of your feet with your fingers. Keep your arms straight and look upwards. To know more about the pose, click here: Ustrasana Sasankasana Rabbit Pose Image: Shutterstock Benefits: Sasankasana increases the mobility and elasticity of your back muscles and spine.

It sends fresh blood and oxygen to your nerves. This asana relieves tension in your neck and shoulders. It helps reduce sinus and colds and rejuvenates the thyroid gland. Raise your buttocks off the heels of your foot. Leave your arms along the sides of your body and keep your back straight. Now, bend forward from your waist, arching your back. Place your forehead on the lower thighs, and your arms stretched out backward and reaching out to the soles of your feet.

Place the thumbs on the ankles. The other four fingers should gently touch the soles of your feet. It keeps allergies at bay, is good for digestion, and cures chronic diarrhea. The asana balances your blood sugar levels and enhances the function of your kidneys. Bend your left leg and place the heel near the anus and the rest of the sole on the inner upper right thigh.

Stretch your arms over your head and bend forward towards your right leg. Clasp the big toe of your right foot with both your hands while your hands are bent at the elbows. Place the crown of your head on your right knee. Ardha Matsyendrasana Spine Twisting Pose Image: iStock Benefits: The pose improves the elasticity of your spine and prevents slipped discs and arthritis. It calms your nervous system and relieves tension trapped in the back.

The asana increases the supply of oxygen to your lungs.

Bikram Dialog Final

It also detoxifies the internal organs and improves reproductive health. Keep your legs stretched out in the front and your feet together. Bend your left leg, take it over your right leg, and place your left foot near your right thigh.

Now, bend your right leg and get it closer to your pelvis. The sole of your right foot must press against your left buttock. Bend your torso towards the left and keep your gaze over your left shoulder.

Keep your spine erect. Take your left arm behind and place your palm on the back. Stretch out your right arm and clasp your right knee with your right hand. To know more about the pose, click here: Ardha Matsyendrasana Stand still there.

Take a big step to the right with your right leg.

I have added, on some of the postures, dialogue for the left side, 2nd set, plus some additional dialogue and notes, and dialogue for corrections. Dpen your fingers, grab the floor with your fingertips. Eyes open, touch your face, and lock your knees. Left foot over the right knee corner.

Tiara Mustikadewi. Then left hand down. Body down, leg up, come down, leg up. Left shoulder down more.

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