Practical Chemistry with Experiments. Revised edition Part II: Experiments in Practical Chemistry. KEYWORDS (Feature). Book and Media Reviews. Partners. PRACTICAL TEST-BOOK OF CHEMISTRY. H. M. Gordin. J. Am. Chem. Soc., , 29 (11), pp – DOI: /jaa Publication Date. A text-book of practical chemistry. April, ~92I.] BOOK NOTICES. 56~ the Faraday Society, the Royal Microscopical Society and the Photomicrographic Society.

Chemistry Practical Book

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practical analytical chemistry. Book · January with 31, Reads. Publisher: Babylon University - college of pharmacy. 1. Reference Books on Practical Chemistry. Title (ISBN). Author / Editor. Publisher & Year. Remarks. 1. A Level Practical Chemistry. Students' Guide & Teachers'. Explore over four hundred exciting practical experiments that demonstrate chemical concepts and processes. This suite includes the popular co-produced.

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To those whose first descriptions of laboratory manipulations were derived from Morfit's Chemical Manipulations, the contrast with the modern works in this field is sufficiently striking. The introduction of electricity and the employment of vacuum apparatus have notably modified every-day procedures.

The present work is a very comprehensive description of methods in the preparation and testing of chemical compounds, covering both inorganic and organic fields. Eighty-eight pages are given to physical chemistry, in which important methods are elucidated, among which may be mentioned optical activity, electro-chemistry, spectroscopy and the phase-rule.

KCSE Masterpiece Revision Chemistry Practical Manual student's edition

Threlfall, M. Lippincott Company, o.

In this country, for instance, the chain is rarely used, except by the old-time county surveyor, the modern surveyor making his measurements either with steel tape and band, or in a rough country by the stadia method; the results obtained with the latter being as accurate as chaining, and at an economy of time and labor. The use of the measuring rod for extreme accuracy, which apparently is stressed by Prof.

Threlfall, has been practically abandoned in this country. Greater speed and as high a degree of accuracy is obtained by the use of steel bands, observing connections that reduce the percentage of e r r o r to such a minim u m that the methods are employed in the measurement of U.

The description of the use of the Plane Table would be of little service to an American engineer, as his method and purpose in using this instrument are so radically different from those described by the author.

On the other hand, the chapters treating of " Cuttings and Embankments," and the adjustments for linear errors in a closed polygon survey, without affecting the angular measurements, contain some valuable information. There is also a v e r y excellent chapter on " Photographic S u r v e y i n g " and the chapter on " Tacheometry," or as it is commonly called in this country, " Stadia Surveying," is complete and practical.

By Wilhelm Autenrieth, University of F r e i b u r g i. Authorized translation by William H.

A text-book of practical chemistry

F i f t h American edition, pages, contents, index and 25 illustrations, 8vo. This work has been s o long before the chemical profession that it needs little more than a notice of the appearance of a new edition. It is a translation from the fourth German edition, the same as was used in the preparation of the fourth American edition, inasmuch as a revision of the German work has apparently not yet appeared.

T h e r e is also a special British edition, in which some subjects not found in the German original were included and are also treated in the American edition. A m o n g these is the vexing question of.

3rd Edition

Your name. Spot Test Analysis Micro Analysis 8. Review Questions 9.

Volumetric Analysis Gravimetric Analysis Few Inorganic Preparations Qualitative Organic Analysis Few Organic Preparations Experiments On Physical Chemistry Conductometric Titrations Potentiometric Titrations Molecular Weight Determination Write a Review. View Sample Chapter. Your Browsing History.

Practical Chemistry Instrumental Approach to Advanced Physical Chemistry Advanced Inorganic Chemistry Advanced Organic Chemistry 1, About S. Useful Links S.

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Practical Inorganic Chemistry

There is no comparable choice of textbooks covering practical inorganic chemistry. Coordination chemistry I: Potentiometric titrations Pass, Geoffrey, B.

Joint Earth Science Education Initiative. Tweet Share Share. Chemistry Practical manual is designed for that purpose.

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