FLIPBOOK EXAMPLES. Flipbooks come in many formats and designs. Here are some different versions made with Paperturn's flipbook software. The examples. Flip Book Examples. Hardcover books, dictionaries, textbooks etc. If you are an author looking for a self-publishing solution or a lecturer who wants to spread. Beautiful flip book animation idea - irony using paper to save trees. Animation . This is a good example of stop motion using a white board. The elaborate.

Flip Book Sample

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Flipbook examples from Flippies Custom Flipbooks, including: interactive marketing materials, promotional items and event handouts. This example shows a magazine as a publication with page turn animations, published This example shows a pdf brochure as a flipbook published using. Learn how companies around the globe use ePageCreator to build professional flipbooks. Marketing leaders across industries, including Fashion, Retail.

Digital Publication Examples

Although animation often involves advanced technology and high-end computers, an easy way to make an animated movie is to make a flipbook. A flipbook presents a series of pictures in rapid succession so that an audience perceives moving images. Below is a brief overview on the different kinds of flipbooks still in common usage in the field.

In its most primitive form, a flipbook is an actual book, and each page is a static image. The reader flips through all of the pages at an even pace, resulting in a short animated movie.

The flipbook in the video above shows Michael Jackson performing.

The creator uses hundreds of sheets and flips them in rapid succession to create the illusion of motion. Want to give it a whirl yourself? Here is a brief video on how to create a flipbook with just a pen and sticky notes:.

Not all flipbooks are literal books! In the video below, the creator manipulates paper sheets of various sizes to depict a runner practicing parkour in a cityscape. This form of flipbook borders on performance art given that extreme skill is required in flipping the sheets in the correct sequence:.

Although the most common flipbook image is a pen or pencil sketch, photographs can be arranged in sequence to depict motion.

In this short video, the creator takes a series of photographs, uploads them to a flipbook computer program, and then prints out a flipbook ready for viewing:. Another source of images for flipbooks is video.


For example, a video clip of a wedding can be turned into a flipbook as a memento or coffee table book. Making such flipbooks requires a computer and is more complex than making a basic flipbook, but it yields high-quality, professional-looking flipbooks.

Online companies such as FlipClips. The basic flipbook relies on the reader to hold the flipbook and flip through the images manually. However, a mutoscope is a mechanical flipbook, in which the viewer looks through a lens while turning a crank; the crank turns a cylinder to which images are attached.

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Also included in:. Your students will love to make these health flip books for your next health unit in Science! Each part of the health topics are clearly explained and illustrated.

Example of flipbook with YouTube video

These flip books are simple to color, cut. View Bundle.It caters to a large number of markets through magazines, television and online marketing vehicles.

Cool Lift. About Annual Reports.


See the flipbook Educate. Video Flipbooks Another source of images for flipbooks is video. Need to send an important report to a boss? Magazine examples Check out the digital magazine examples below to see Flipsnack in action.

FlippingBook will help you do that in a quick and professional way.


This flip book is simple to color, cut and paste together.

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