Griva, Igor. Linear and nonlinear optimization / Igor Griva, Stephen G. Nash, Ariela Sofer. -- 2nd ed. p. cm. Includes bibliographical references and index. This book introduces the applications, theory, and algorithms of linear and nonlinear optimization, with an emphasis on the practical aspects of the material. Igor Griva. Stephen G. Nash. Ariela Sofer. George Mason University. Fairfax, Virginia. • Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics • Philadelphia.

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Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , Igor Griva and others published Linear and Stephen G. Nash · Ariela Sofer at George Mason University. Request PDF on ResearchGate | On Jan 1, , I Griva and others published Linear and S G Nash · Ariela Sofer at George Mason University. Ariela Sofer. Sethi, Yan & Zhang/ INVENTORY AND SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT WITH FORECAST. UPDATES. Cox/ QUANTITATIVE HEALTH RISK ANALYSIS.

Gill, W. Murray and M. Nocedal, S. Wright, Numerical Optimization, Springer Verlag.

Requisite: course Math A. Course Description: Fundamentals of optimization.

Linear programming: basic solutions, simplex method, duality theory. Unconstrained optimization, Newton's method for minimization.

Nonlinear programming, optimality conditions for constrained problems. Additional topics from linear and nonlinear programming.

Homework Policy: Homework will be assigned every week and will be collected the following week on Friday. No late homework will be accepted.

The lowest homework grade will be dropped and will not count for the final grade. Nonlinear Optimization: Optimality conditions for constrained problems; Feasible-point methods; Penalty and barrier methods; Part V. Appendices: Appendix A.

Topics from linear algebra; Appendix B. Other fundamentals; Appendix C.

Software; Bibliography; Index. His research focuses on theory and methods of nonlinear optimization and their application to problems in science and engineering. Stephen Nash received a B.

Fall , UAF

Honors degree in mathematics in from the University of Alberta, Canada; and a Ph. His research activities are centered in scientific computing, especially nonlinear optimization, along with related interests in statistical computing and optimal control.

Ariela Sofer received the B. She received the D. Her major areas of interest are nonlinear optimization, and optimization in biomedical applications.

She has been a member of the editorial boards of the journals Operations Research and Management Science, and is coeditor on a subseries of the Annals of Operations Research on Operations Research in Medicine.No late homework will be accepted. Nonlinear Optimization: Linear programming: basic solutions, simplex method, duality theory.

Geometry of linear programming; 5. Enhancements of the simplex method; 8.

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