Teacher´s Book (interleaved). Happy Hearts 1 Pupil´s Book Sample Images Pupil ´s Book. Happy Hearts 1 Activity Book Sample Images Activity Book. animated DVDs. Happy Hearts 1 - Pupil's Book (+ Stickers, Press Outs & Extra Optional Units) Bag 4 (Blue). Happy Hearts 1 - Teacher's Mini Pack NTSC. Happy Hearts 1 Teacher's Book by Jenny Dooley, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

Happy Hearts 1 Teachers Book

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Happy Hearts 1 + Activity: Suitable for children from 4 to 5 years old, learning Detailed and intelligible teacher's book with a wide range of activities to enhance . computerescue.info - Download as PDF File .pdf) or view presentation slides online. computerescue.info Uploaded by. Happy Hearts 1 Teacher's Book [Jenny Dooley, Virginia Evans] on computerescue.info *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Brand NEW. We ship worldwide.

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We can also arrange with teachers of your school to organize a presentation on the school premises. They can be used fby teachers to present and practise the stories.


The story text as well as guidelines for telling the story are written on the back of each card enabling teachers to narrate the story without having to memorise it. Picture Flashcards The Picture Flashcards include the vocabulary of each unit and are numbered for easy identification. They can be used to present, practise and recycle vocabulary. The Picture Flashcards can also be used to occupy the early-finishers who have become familiar with the activities used in class.

These materials can be used to make extra worksheets, pocture dictionaries, templates for extra craftwork activities, etc.

Happy Hearts

Instrumental karaoke versions of the songs are included for teachers who wish to let the children themselves perform the songs. This collection of fun facts will make you smarter and make life more enjoyable!

These 50 Catholic flash cards will help your child understand God s love and the truths of the Catholic faith. Start creating a solid foundation rooted in faith today!

These Prayers and Scripture passages that support students as they grow in their relationship with God. In the early years of her career, McGrady's hormonal, sometimes grumpy, and often confused students taught her what it means to evangelize.

Her frequently witty and always candid stories and the ten lessons she offers will inspire anyone who works with youth in the Church today. Louis Catholic high school, but she was quickly rattled by the magnitude of the task, especially when she was challenged by a teen who said he didn't believe. Likewise, McGrady determined that the power of inviting conversation, welcoming questions, and witnessing to faith through personal stories engages students and helps them fall in love with Jesus.

Each day begins with a scripture passage that sets a theme and provides much-needed encouragement as a reminder of the daily gifts present in a Catholic school.

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Day 2: Building Words - Phonograms are reviewed through games, writing activities, and journaling. A leveled spelling list activity is also used.

Day 3: Words in Context - Phonograms, spelling, spelling rules, and grammar are focused on. Day 4: Words in Action - There is more review, concentrating on vocabulary. You also have the option of incorporating Essentials Reader lessons.

Some vocabulary work follows before time is spent checking understanding of concepts and skills learned in the five-day lesson. Each of these lesson segments is scripted. The guide also ensures that teachers can make learning fun for students.


For, in the guide are instructions for a wide variety of games and hands-on activities that can easily be played with the cards included in the program materials. To me, these make the program - taking it from a dry, "booky" approach, to one that children can latch onto. For, if your children are anything like mine, they thrive when using short, fun games to reinforce their learning.

In fact, when I asked my oldest what he thinks about the curriculum, one of the first things he said was: I like the games, especially when I played them with just you, because me versus one is easier than me versus four. Likewise, my youngest said: I liked this curriculum because of the games! The dragon game and the other card games were fun.

My middle child concurred with her siblings, saying: What I liked about the curriculum was that you were able to play games with it. Undoubtedly, the games make the curriculum for my children! The EssentialsStudent Workbook, 2nd ed.

It comes in both a physical softcover version or as a printable e-book, so your family can easily use it with however many children you have. I was especially pleased that my middle child finds the workbook non-threatening. With its simple text, large writing spaces, and ample white-space, it is easy on her eyes. Update: This workbook ha since been replaced by several smaller workbooks, beginning with this one. The Spelling Journal This handy page paperback has spelling hints printed in it as well as sections for a student to keep track of words that use each of the 33 English sounds that can be spelled more than one way.

A unique set up helps students master commonly misspelled words by providing them with a systematic way to pinpoint areas of difficulty, recognize spelling options for specific sounds, and identify the correct spelling of words. A Collection of Tiles and Cards Tiles and cards, printed on heavy, laminated cardstock, act as hand-on helps for students and include: Basic Phonogram Flash Cards - Seventy-four 4.

Morpheme Flash Cards, Set 1 - One-hundred-nine color-coded cards which can also come as a pdf download or for use on a tablet help you see how roots, prefixes, and suffixes come together to give meaning to English words. Phonogram Game Tiles - One-hundred-thirty color-coded tiles can be used for a variety of spelling games and exercises. Phonogram and Spelling Rule Quick Reference - A full-color, at-a-glance chart offers you information on prefixes, suffixes, and more, including lists of the 31 spelling rules, 74 basic phonograms, and 46 advanced phonograms that are used in the program.

This add-on includes: The Essentials Reader - Thirty-one high-interest passages include tongue-twisting riddles, classic folk tales from around the world, and interesting non-fiction pieces on such topics as sports, science, technology, biographies.I like the games we are able to play with it. Set a goal with your family to read the scriptures together every day.

My child who needs the program most is just the "right age" for it. Then ask them to spend a few minutes writing a letter or drawing a picture for someone they love. In each unit, children work on the story with the help of stickers.

I like it best with my brother and sister. Before family home evening, draw a map of three places in your home. Look in the mirror and try smiling with only your eyes, then try smiling with your lips closed.

It can be a neighbor, a teacher, a friend, or a family member.

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