Editorial Reviews. Review. This writing how-to should carry a warning: it's the kind of book one. "What do you think of my fiction book writing?" the aspiring novelist extorted. " Darn," the editor hectored, in turn. "I can not publish your novel! It is fu. How Not to Write a Novel: Classic Mistakes and How to Avoid Them--A Misstep-by-Misstep Guide. "What do you think of my fiction book writing?" I have already read every tome available on how to write well and get published!".

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"What do you think of my fiction book writing?" the aspiring novelist extorted. " Darn," the editor hectored, in turn. "I can not publish your novel! It is full of what we. Misstep by misstep, How Not to Write a Novel shows how you can ensure that your manuscript never rises above the level of unpublishable drivel; that your. The Goths learned to write after invading the Roman Empire, but they did not write Gothic novels. Gothic novels were a type of novel written.

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Intermission: Do you need help? New writers make these mistakes because writing novels is HARD. But we can help — and save you huge amounts of wasted time.

How to Write a Novel: Writing Tips & FREE Download!

Writing a novel is hard. Writing a novel for the first time is harder. Or ask yourself: are you really sure that the basic idea for your novel is strong enough? Or prose writing and cliche? How confident are you there?

Well, sort of. This super-premium, 17 video course is pretty expensive to download outright.

download for others

Save your money. Because as a member of Jericho Writers, you get full, free, unrestricted access to that course. Oh, yes, and all our other video courses. And our filmed masterclasses. And our Cinema. And our Townhouse community.

And so much else as well. And membership of Jericho Writers: Is low cost Is cancel-any-time. Whatever works for you. Basic competence is not enough: you must demonstrate something more. You just need to care, a lot, and make sure that you take care with every sentence you write. What happened to the plot? Strange, but true. Some writers complete an entire novel without really knowing what their story is. This is an issue you just have to get write, irrespective of what genre you choose to write in.

If you do have a plot, but the book still seems saggy, then revisit the above on economy in writing. Cutting is the answer to many a writing ill. Jane Austen, Shakespeare et al. Unbelievable or bland characters Sometimes, everything seems to be moving along all right in technical terms. Story, check; descriptions, check; prose style, check.

Still, somehow, a manuscript is failing to connect with its readers.


Three fat videos on this one crucial topic. Many novels — even ones accepted by an agent — need to be reworked, re-edited and reworked again. We also run a unbelievably good self-editing course so that you can develop your own editorial skills. Astonishingly, about 1 in 6 of our graduates from that course have gone on to be published.

And there are more popping through the pipeline every month. It always sells out. And you should grab it when you can. Big enough to warrant 75, to , words? Powerful enough to hold the reader all the way? Step 2: Step 3: Your lead can have human flaws, but those should be redeemable. For each character, ask: What do they want? What or who is keeping them from getting it?

What will they do about it? What is their role in the main story? To be memorable, your characters must also be believable.

Inject them with humanity. Step 4: My book sales took off when I started doing this: Plunge your main character into terrible trouble as soon as possible. Everything your character does to try to get out of that trouble makes it only worse… …until the predicament appears hopeless. Finally, everything your hero learns from trying to get out of the terrible trouble completes his character arc and gives him what he needs to succeed in the end. Plot Elements Writing coaches call by different names their own suggested story structures, but the basic sequence is largely similar.

They all include some variation of: An Opener The Inciting Incident that changes everything A series of crises that build tension A Climax A Conclusion Regardless how you plot your novel, your primary goal must be to grab readers by the throat from the get-go and never let go. More in-depth plotting resources: Accurate details add flavor and authenticity.

Get details wrong and your reader loses confidence—and interest—in your story. Research essentials: Consult Atlases and World Almanacs to confirm geography and cultural norms and find character names that align with the setting, period, and customs.


If your Middle Eastern character flashes someone a thumbs up, be sure that means the same in his culture as it does in yours.

YouTube and online search engines can yield tens of thousands of results. Just be careful to avoid wasting time getting drawn into clickbait videos Use a Thesaurus , but not to find the most exotic word.

Step 1: Nail-down a winning story idea.

People love to talk about their work, and often such conversations lead to more story ideas. Resist the urge to shortchange the research process. Step 6: Choose your point of view.

Read current popular fiction to see how the bestsellers do it. Step 7: Begin in media res in the midst of things. You must grab your reader by the throat on page one. Step 8: Give them just enough to engage their mental projectors.

Step 9: Now, everything he does to get out of that terrible trouble must make it progressively worse. Conflict is the engine of fiction. His trouble should escalate logically because of his attempts to fix it. Writing coaches have various labels for this crucial plot point. Step Star Wars: A New Hope climaxes with the rebels forced to destroy the Death Star.

How Not to Be Boring – Writing the First Chapter of Your Novel

That skyrocketed the tension and sent the stakes over the top. But remember, the climax is not the end.

A great ending: Honors the reader for his investment of time and money. Is the best of all your options. If it comes down to clever, quirky, or emotional, always aim for the heart. Keeps your hero on stage till the last word.

2. A book that doesn’t ramp it up enough

Because climaxes are so dramatic, endings often just peter out. It should tie up loose ends, sure, but it also needs to pack an emotional wallop.

Frequently Asked Questions 1. It will pull from you everything you know and everything you are. Second, it should take as long as necessary.It Began with a Twist of Fate : They note that a plot being set in motion by an arbitrary coincidence or decision is acceptable, but a plot being resolved thereby will likely frustrate and annoy readers. It provides a framework to help you harness and guide your creativity, but at the end of the day writing is an art, and if your heart or gut is begging you to do something, then set aside the steps and follow your instinct.

To try to create some order from the chaos of creativity.

The reader would actually end up with more sense of the place, not less. Advertisement: Anachronism Stew : "Xeno's iPod" for objects that just "appear", "The Vegan Viking" for anachronistic attitudes and beliefs, and "Yo, Charlemagne, how dost thy big war? Reggie boarded the train at Montauk and found a seat near the dining car. Hard to say!

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