If you simply want to view a PDF file you can load it into a UIWebView. URL( string: " . I've been working on an App that requires me to download PDF files, store it, extracting the original pdf name,; creating a url in Documents. That's cool, but we're interested in being able to display a PDF in a PDFDocument object initialized from either a Data object or a URL object.

Ios Swift Pdf From Url

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Apple's PDFKit framework provides a huge range of code to help us work Finally, create a URL pointing to a PDF you have in your bundle. In this tutorial we will display a PDF file from the local filesystem onto Select the Assistant Editor and make sure the file is visible. "pdf") if let url = url { let webView = WKWebView(frame: let. However, with the continuous development and increase in the popularity of Swift openDocumentInWebView(sender: UIButton) { // Get URL of PDF document.

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There are 5 or 6 on this page so we needed to set up isChartsTable to find the one that contains the lists of charts. Then we tackle each column. The first column should contain the URL and the chart number.

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HTMLElement then into the correct sub-element. But for now this works.

You should see the table view populated with the list of charts. Downloading and Saving PDFs Now that we can see the list of charts it would be nice to be able to get them.

In the storyboard remove the segue and detail view. DocumentDirectory, domain:.

UserDomainMask Alamofire. GET, chart.

But not only that: We can zoom, create annotations, take a look at the document's outline and lots of other things. All this with just these few lines of code. Notice how we didn't even need to implement a close button.

Our main goal is to help developers with their jobs, and one of the ways we help them is by creating less things to implement. When we put it all together, here's what the final ViewController. Featured Archive RSS.

AnyObject ]? CGFloat - , title:The Ask Question Wizard is Live!

We're going to create our layout in code, so the first thing we do is getting rid of the storyboard file. Select the ViewController. My goal here is to present you a different way to create PDF documents, which is way more simpler than drawing them manually. CertificateFileLink if available iOS 9.

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