I'm in the possession of the entire transcript of the interview (49 pages . Please call me "Lacerta", this is the name I generally use when I'm. The Lacerta Files (file size: KB, MIME type: application/pdf). About; File History. The Lacerta Files. However, ALL of the Lacerta files can be seen, read and download in PDF format at: Finally, if you wish to hear the.

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I am going to assume people know what the Lacerta files are about, so I am not going to give any information on it, other than it is an interview. THE LACERTA INTERVIEW WITH A FEMALE REPTILIAN %20and% 20Published%20Papers/Downloaded%20Papers/ The Lacerta File 1 Part 1 | . The Reptilian Female Lacerta interview - Revealing the Reptilians of inner Earth - Duration: Mystery.

But it isn't. This is impossible. Your programmed mind is obviously not able to handle with such large time scales. Our evolution time may seem incredible long to you, but this is in fact the original way of nature. Remember, your early mammal ancestors developed together with dinosaurs and they survived the bomb like us. They evolved slowly during the next millions of years and they divided into various species and shapes, some of them larger, some of them smaller. This is evolution of the body.

But what about their mind and intelligence? They were simple animals. The mammals evolved sincelet us say millions of years, but only in the last 23 millions of years they were able to become intelligent and thinking. And within this small period beings like you were created. From nature? Ask yourself: Do you really think this accelerated evolution is natural?

Then your species is more ignorant then I've thought. We have not evolved wrong but you. Question: I understand. But I have another question. You've mentioned many facts about the ancient war between the aliens 65 million years ago. This happened very long before your kind became really intelligent as far as I have understood you. Why do you know so many things about that "first war" and about the evolution of your species?

Answer: This is a good question much better then the previous and I have not explained it properly to you. Our knowledge about the first war comes completely from an ancient artefact, which was found around 16, years ago from our archeologists on the continent you call North America today. They found there a round plate with a diameter of approximately 47 of your centimetres. The plate was made of an even for us unknown magnetic material and inside the plate there was another smaller crystal plate which contained an enormous amount of information coded in the molecular structure of the crystal.

This "memory plate" 17 was manufactured from the last bomb survivers of human race from "Procyon" already 65 million years ago but it was completely intact when we found it. Our scientists were able to encode the messages and data and so we heard the first time about the events which took place in the distant past and which led to the extinction of the dinosaurs.

The plate contained detailed descriptions of both species but more about the humanoids and about the events and weapons, including the fusion bomb. It contained also a description of the animals and saurians on earth, including our pre-intelligent ancestor species. You see, we know the real truth about our roots since 16, years. Before that time, there was a more religious idea of our creation.

Question: What has happened with the both alien species?

Answer: We don't know exactly. The surviving humanoids on earth obviously died in the years after the bomb and others of their kind and the reptilians never came back to Earth as far as we know. Concerning the reptilian aliens, there is a possibility that it was physically impossible for them to return, because the matter between bubbles is sometimes in rapid movement.

The current theory is, that both species had ceased to exist during the millions of years. Question: You've mentioned skeletons of your kind.

How can it be, that human scientists haven't found any trace of you and your ancestors if you really live for such a long time on this planet? We have found many skeletons of primitive dinosaurs, but none of an advanced reptilian being with a larger skull and brain and a hand with a thumb as you have described it before.

Answer: Yes, you have. But your "great" scientists were not able to reconstruct the skeletons complety, because they wanted to reconstruct reptilian animals, not intelligent beings. You would laugh if you would know how many of the especially small saurian skeletons in your museums are totally wrong constructions of never-existing beings, because you used many bones which didn't really belong together and sometimes you made artificial bones if something was missing you needed to construct an "animal" saurian.

Many of your scientists are aware of this problem, but they don't make it public, because 18 they can't explain it and they claim, that the right bones were just missing and their reconstruction is right. Many bones of us were used for Iguanodon reconstructions, for example the hands with the visible thumb look at an Iguanodon in a museum and you will see that I'm right. A scientist in the country you call United States had build a nearly correct skeleton of our kind some years ago, but the local government which is partly aware of our existence confiscated the reconstruction.

As we live today and since thousands of years nearly completely beneath the earth, you will not find any cadavers or skeletons of us. Question: You speak sometimes about underground cities and artificial sunlight. Do you mean something like a "hollow Earth" with this. Is there a second sun inside our planet? Answer: No, Earth is not really completely hollow and there is no second sun inside. This story is ridicolous and physically not possible even your species should be intelligent enough not to believe this.

Do you know how much mass a sun must have to produce energy and light for a longer time by fusion? Do you really think that there could be a small active sun inside the planet? When I talk about our subterranean home, I talk about large cave systems.

The caves you have discovered near to the surface are tiny in comparison to real caves and huge caverns deeper in the earth in a depth of 2, to 8, of your metres, but connected with many hidden tunnels to the surface or to surface-near caves and we live in large and advanced cities and colonies inside such caves. If I talk about artificial sunlight in our cities I don't mean a real sun but various technological sources of light including gravitational sources which illuminates the caverns and tunnels.

There are special cave areas and tunnels with a strong UV light in every city and we use that places to heat our blood. Furthermore, we have also some surface sunplaces in remote areas, especially in America and Australia. Question: Where can we find such a surface-near entry to your world? Answer: Do you really think I will tell you their exact location? If you want to find such an entry, you have to search it by yourself but I would advise you not to 19 do that.

The Lacerta File 1

When I came to the surface four days ago, I used an entry approximately of your kilometres north from here near to a large lake, but I doubt that you would be able to find it there are only a few entries in this part of the world more are far more north and east. As a little advice: if you are in a narrow cave or in a tunnel or even in something that looks to you like an artificial mine shaft and as deeper you walk as smoother appear the walls and if you feel unusual warm air streaming from the depth or if you hear the rushing sound of streaming air in a ventilation or elevator shaft, then look for a special kind of artificial and smooth wall somewhere in the cave with a door made of gray metal.

If you would be able to open that door but I doubt this you would be in a usually round technical room with ventilation systems and elevators to the depth. This is probably an entry to our world. If you have reached this point, you should know that we are now definetely aware of your presence. You are already in big trouble if you have entered the round room, but you should look for one of the two reptilian symbols on the walls.

If there are no symbols or other symbols, you are maybe in bigger trouble as you think, because not every underground installation belongs to our kind.

Some new tunnel systems are operated from alien races including hostile races. My general advice if you find yourself in a for you strange underground installation: run away as fast as you can.

Question: You mentioned earlier that you use the name "Lacerta" when you are among humans and that you enjoy it to be in the real sun on the surface of earth. But how can you be among humans? You don't look like us, so anyone will see that you belong to another species. Why have nobody seen and described a being like you if your kind lives already since our "creation" together with us on the same planet. Can you explain that to me?

Answer: First, my kind was of course seen and described and worshipped many times in your primitive past, for example in your religious writings like your Christian Bible. You can find descriptions and even simple drawings of us for also in the southern part of the American continent on various temples.

Socalled "wise" men from India and from the Asian mountains have described our species many times in writings, together with other "wise" men from the African continent. I think we are the most mentioned non-human species maybe beside the "Ilojiim" in your history.

If you don't believe me, have a look at your history and you will see the truth in my words. Your "great" scientists called the belief in 20 us "superstition" and "religion" and todays "intelligent" humans have forgotten our presence on the surface in the past. Furthermore, our species is seen even today sometimes from human witnesses in its original shape on earth or in our surface-near entries and tunnel systems, but fortunately you and your media didn't take the reports of such "crazies" serious that's good for us and that's the reason why we allow those people to see us as we really are.

Some of my species are also in direct contact with human scientists and politicians from the surface, but this is top-secretas you would call itand nobody of your public knows anything about it the matter of this meetings is generally the upcoming war with and between the alien species and our assistance in this war.

But there is also another explanation, why we can walk among you and why you are not able to recognize us: mimicry. The following may again sound unbelievable and even shocking to you, but as you have asked I will expain it. I have told you before, that we have more advanced mental abilities then your species and with "more advanced" I mean, that we are able to use telepathy and telekinesis from our birth on in fact, mother and newborn child communicate generally with telepathy during the first months without special training as you need it to activate these sleeping parts of your brain.

The structure of our brain is a little bit different to yours and our hypophyse is larger and more active then yoursespecially when we are in sunlight. I was never very good in that mind things, but we all have these primary abilities and can use them for example for our protection or even for attack.

When we are on the surface and we meet human beings even a large group of themthis makes no difference. All of your minds are like one mind we are able to "touch" their mind and induce them via telepathy the command "See us as one of your kind" and the weak human mind will accept this order without refusion and they will see us despite our reptilian look as normal humans. I've done this many times and you weak humans generally see me as an attractive brown-haired woman, because I have created this special "mimicry image" in my mind years ago and I can induce it into your minds without problems.

I've needed some time 21 at the beginning to learn the use of the mimicry correctly, but then it worked nearly automatically and I can even walk among a group of yours and nobody will recognize what I am.

It is easier as you think. When there are meetings between your kind and aliens which seem to look exactly like yours, these aliens have used that switch and some of the meetings with man-like aliens can be also explained with meetings with my kind. When I met E. Question: Do you mean, that you can really make me belief that I talk now with an attractive brown-haired human woman instead of a reptilian being like you? Answer: Probably, but I don't think so in your special case.

When someone expects to see a human woman instead of me, I can do it without problems with his mind even with large groups because nobody expects to see a reptile woman.

But I have allowed your mind to see me in my original appearance from our first meeting on and I have never induced something into your mind, so you have already realized that I'm not human.

If I would now try to change this, it would probably led to an absolute confusion or to unconsciousness and I don't want to harm you. As I have said I'm not very good in these things.

The Lacerta File 1and 2 Reptoid Interview

Question: That's very scary. Can you kill with that abilities? Answer: Yes, but it's forbidden. This means not that it was not done in previous times. Question: Have both sexes this abilities?

Answer: Yes. Question: What about photos? How do you appear on photos? I appear on photos as a reptile being, because I can't have influence on the photo or on the camera itself but only on the photographers mind. If he or she would develop the film and show the photo to others, they would see me in my original shape. That's the reason why it is forbidden for our kind to be filmed or photographed and we must avoid every camera on the surface that is very difficult and we were filmed sometimes in the past whitout our knowledge, especially from certain of your goverments and secret agencies.

The Lacerta Files.pdf

Question: What other commands can your kind induce into our minds. Something like "Serve us" or "Obey"? Answer: This is again a strange question. We are not your enemy most of us not so why should we do this?

Conspiracy Forum

To answer your question: it depends on the strenght of the human mind and on the the strenght of the sending reptilian.

There is no "Serve us" or "Serve me" switch in your mind, so such a command is much more difficult to induce. If the human mind and consciouness is weak and the reptilian inducer is experienced in these things and was some hours in the sun before he or she tries to do it, then it could probably work for a certain time. There are secret teachings about such things, but I've never learned anything about it.

I use my primary abilities for mimicry and for communication with my own kind and sometimes for other private things, but I've never used it to harm humans or their mind.

I would appreciate it if we can end with this topic here. Question: A last question: you've said earlier, that you can hide your UFOs? Do you use the same abilities to do this? Answer: Yes, but on a technical base. There is a powerful device inside each craft which is able to send an artificial signal to your minds to convince you, that you see either nothing but only the sky or that you see normal aircraft like planes instead of our ships. This isn't used very often, because we avoid human public when we move in the atmosphere.

If you are able to see our "UFOs" it means that the device is either defective or deactivated for some reason. The camouflage effect didn't work on photosto answer this possible question of you already in advancebut why should someone make a photo of the sky when he could not see anything unusual there.

By the way, most of the surface-near entry points to 23 our tunnels are also hidden with such a device and your kind will generally see only normal cave walls instead of the door. That's one reason why I've said that I doubt that you will be able to find such a secret door to our world but it have happened a few times in the past. Question: Back to your and our own history.

You've mentioned the race of the "Illojiim" who have created our human race. From where did they come and how did they look like? What had exactly happened when they arrived? Are they our "God"? Answer: The "Illojiim" came from this universe, from the solar system you call "Aldebaran" in your maps. They were a very tall humanoid species whit usually blonde hairs and a very white skin they avoided the sunlight, because it hurted their skin and their eyes.

This was absolutely unbelievable for a sun-loving species like us. They seemed to be intelligent and peaceful at the beginning and we started a more or less friendly communication with them, but later they showed their real intentions and plans: they wanted to evolve the apes to a new breed and we were a disturbing factor for them on their new zoo planet.

At first, they caught around 10, or maybe even 20, of your simian ancestors and they left the planet for some hundred years. When they returned, they brought your now more human ancestors back. Then they left Earth again for some thousands of years and the primitive pre-humans lived together with us without major problems they were just afraid of our aircraft and technology. The "Illojiim" had tought their mind and enhanced their brain and their body structure and they were now able to use tools and fire.

The "Illojiim" returned within 23, years seven times and accelerated the evolution speed of certain of your kind. You must understand, that you are not the first human civilization on the planet.

The Complete Lacerta Files Reptilian Interview (Audio)…

The first advanced humans who lived at the same time with lessdeveloped pre-humans, because the "Illojiim" had experimented with different speeds and stages of evolution with technology and speech existed around , years ago on this planet your scientists have not understood this, because they've found only the bones of the pre-humans and some primitive cave drawings showing advanced humans and flying devices.

This genetically advanced human breed lived together with us, but they avoided contact with my kind, because the "Illojiim" teachers had warned them with misleading purpose that we are evil beings and that we lie to them. The truth is, that your modern human civilization is not the first on this planet Earth but already the seventh.

The buildings of the first breeds are lost, but the fifth civilization was the one, which built the large triangular constructions you call "Egyptian Pyramids" today around 75, years ago your Egyptians just found that large ancient pyramids in the sand and tried not very sucessful to built similar constructions and the sixth civilization was the one, which built the cities which ruins you can find today beneath the sea in the socalled Bimini Area around 16, years ago.

The last creation of the seventh breedof your serieswas done just 8, years ago and this is the only creation you can remember and to which your religious writings refer. You rely on archeological and paleonthological artefacts which show you a wrong and short past, but how should you know anything about the six civilizations before. And if you find evidence for their existence, you deny and misinterpret the facts.

This is partly a programming of your mind and partly pure ignorance.

Roisin 15th July , Our species has reached past its point of sustainable numbers and we're adding the entire population of Germany to the world's global population -- every year. And by the middle of this century, the World Health Organization claims that there will be 9 billion people on our planet. This will cause an enormous strain on the already dwindling availability of our natural resources. Clean water will become more and more scarce.

Entire species of animals that keep our ecosystem balanced will become more and more extinct. And due to overpopulation, people will steal and kill to stay alive. The name of the game will be 'the survival of the fittest' and the reptilians know this. They don't have to resort to any methods of their own to claim our planet as their own because they know that all they have to do is patiently wait a few more decades before our numbers will be much more manageable for them to gain complete control over us because by then we will have managed to destroy ourselves where there will only be a small number of isolated groups left that are scattered in remote area's of the world.

This all sounds like science fiction doesn't it?

I hope that's all it is. Sidney 15th July , Our species has reached past its point of sustainable numbers and we're adding the entire population of Germany to the world's global population -- every year.

They don't have to resort to any methods of their own to claim our planet as their own because they know that all they have to do is patiently wait a few more decades before our numbers will be much more manageable for them to gain complete control over us and rule the world. The earth consists of mostly water, and they DO have the technology to de-salinate it so water essentially should be free but of course its another of their big secrets.

In my opinoin, its is not the numbers of people, but the garbage that we put out each and every waking moment. All of the toxic waste that is buried on land and at sea. Ron Mauer Sr 15th July , Our species has reached past its point of sustainable numbers and we're adding the entire population of Germany to the world's global population -- every year.

You are probably right about major depopulation due to the survival of the fittest, wars, food riots, etc. But my gut feeling is that there is more to the story concerning why non-humans appear to be patiently waiting.

With their technology, it seems as if it would easy work for them to create a virus that killed humans but not non-humans. I expect that patience is not an attribute of non-humans who want the planet for themselves. Someone should use this scenario and make a movie. Maybe someone has.

Roisin 15th July , Sidney Lol, I like the last part of your comment best! Excellent suggestions that may just save us from ourselves. I sure hope you're wrong about that but what you are saying is not beyond the realm of possibilities.

It could very well happen and it would be an easy way to get rid of us. I don't know if they've made a movie using the scene that you described but I think it's about time they make one. It would present a possible future that everyone needs to know about.

Carmody 15th July , Anyone who wants this planet would be far better off creating a perfect virus. One with a high kill rate and the perfect gestation period, and the best infection vector.

No one has done this, so that.. That's off the table.

Moeover, there seems to be a link of satanism to the NWO as well. Lacerta's explanation of Illojim and other ET being behind our word history and us being their slave-race explains that gap in my understanding.

So overal Lacerta's account has a very high degree of internal consistency and checks out with some external records.

This of course does not mean that the author did not fabricate it, if they did they did a very good job with their research and attention to detail. But why have they left it? Where are the books and DVD's and merchandize on Lacerta?These people lived together with animal-like saurians on the planet without problems. But they are true, if you believe it or not. This is a useless rudiment of the tail of our ancestors, but it is not visible from the outside.

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Her descriptions of her anatomy and biology, her evolutionary history, their way of calculating time using magnetic cycles is all internally consistent and surprisingly detailed. Ruanel: It was a mistake of the channeler. Interlocutor: To me it is an entire novelty to know that we had begun in four feet.

There is no "Serve us" or "Serve me" switch in your mind, so such a command is much more difficult to induce.

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