Book your official DVSA car or motorcycle theory test for £23, or other lorry, bus and Driver CPC theory tests. On this page you can choose the category of Driver Theory Test that you would like to book, review the official preparation materials for your test or read general . Three Simple Steps to Book your Driver Theory Test. Step 1: Revise Official RSA Material. We are the only supplier of official RSA-approved revision materials.

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Theory test appointments can be booked and, subject to three clear working days notice, can also be changed and cancelled online or by telephone. You can. To prepare for your theory test, the Driver and Vehicle Agency (DVA) recommends that you study the You can download these from high street book stores or online. Probably the market's best theory tests in Danish and English | Pass the The little theory book is a selection from the Road Traffic Act. It contains speed.

A further guide to the function of a sign is its colour. Know your traffic signs - GOV. The books provide everything you need to learn about, and maintain, safe driving or riding skills for life.

The books contain: sections of text for motorcyclists, a free e-book for car drivers and full references throughout to help candidates learn and revise questions and answers for revision, including practice for case studies the official DVSA explanations for every revision question, helping candidates fully understand the answer Candidates can: study background information on every topic, presented in an easy-to-remember way customise their practice by topic to see how much they've learnt sit unlimited mock tests which offer the closest experience to the real test monitor their progress at each step to find out exactly where they can further improve so they can tailor their revision You can download the essential skills range from most high street book shops.

They are also available to order online or over the phone from The Stationery Office.

The Stationery Office - TSO website Hazard perception The hazard perception part is delivered on a computer and you respond by clicking a button on the mouse. You will be presented with a series of clips which feature every day road scenes. In each clip there will be at least one developing hazard, but one of the clips will feature two developing hazards.

Welcome to the Book Theory Test Today website

For this reason, the same version of the hazard perception test is used for all categories of test. The pass mark is also not changing.

An example of when to respond As an example of how to identify and respond to a developing hazard, consider a parked vehicle on the side of the road. You can't review or change your responses. What is a developing hazard?

A developing hazard is something that would cause you to take action, like changing speed or direction. Example: A car is parked at the side of the road and isn't doing anything.

Official Driver Theory Test Questions & Answers Book

It wouldn't cause you to take action, so it's not a developing hazard. When you get closer, the car's right-hand indicator starts to flash and it starts to move away.

You'd need to slow down, so it's now a developing hazard. You'll find out if you have passed immediately at the end of the test.

You can download the PDF file to study offline and on the go. Take practice tests There is no better way to test your knowledge than to take a practice test. You can take your theory practice test online from the comfort of your home at whatever time you prefer. Pass your theory test All you need to do is be percent confident that you will pass and you will start feeling ready to take the test.

Book your theory test and pass the official exam the first time! Our question bank covers everything you need to know to pass the RTA theory test.

You use our site to access all the questions. Try it!Test categories Categories of theory test see table below.

The web-based training solution offers you unlimited access to the Official Driver Theory Test learning material, and also tracks your progress as you learn. To book the theory test you have a couple of options.

You can score up to five points for each hazard. How to book your theory Top tip: Book with Midrive to get your first driving lesson free!

Book Your Driving Theory Test

Sitting a test can be stressful so while there may still be an opportunity to sit your test on the same day we cannot guarantee the availability of a test slot. You will be presented with a series of clips which feature every day road scenes.

Unfortunately, this may cause you to miss out on some critical guidelines on the requirements of the test, which is a recipe for failure. Take practice tests There is no better way to test your knowledge than to take a practice test.

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